Sunday, April 24, 2011

DEWANI: Funeral parlour bust-up...

HONEYMOON murder suspect Shrien Dewani had a furious bust-up with his in-laws - next to his bride's open coffin.

He bizarrely objected to her mum and other relatives spending time alone with her to say their goodbyes.

Shot Anni Dewani's mother Nilam, 59, broke down in tears over his pig-headedness at a North London funeral parlour. She said yesterday: "I was devastated. It was bad enough losing our daughter but he managed to make things worse."

Anni's sister Ami, 33, recalled: "I've never experienced such rage. Voices were raised

over the coffin. Cousins had written goodbye letters which were placed in the coffin. We later found they had been taken out and thrown on the floor."

Anni's uncle Ashok Hindocha, 51, said: "He objected to Anni's mother spending time alone with her to say goodbye and ruined the moment. No one will forgive him for starting an argument over Anni's body."

Bristol care home tycoon Dewani, 31, faces an extradition hearing next month over the carjack murder in South Africa of Anni, 28. He denies involvement and is currently in a secure mental hospital.