Saturday, January 1, 2011

DEWANI: CCTV footgage

Sources who have viewed the high-resolution CCTV video said Dewani walks into the room "with a little plastic bag" in his hand. Tongo walks in next and is handed the plastic bag by Dewani.

The taxi driver then sticks the plastic bag under his clothes and goes into the toilet. Police believe this is where Tongo counted the money. Dewani leaves the room after Tongo goes to the toilet. <- perfectly normal behaviour ?

The newspaper also revealed that police had apparently taken in another suspect who had turned State witness. The man did not take part in the “fake” hijacking, but acted as a middleman, putting Tongo in contact with Mzwamadoda Qwabe, who police say was one of the two gunmen hired to ambush the car

Other evidence stockpiled by police against Dewani, Mngeni and Qwabe includes a comprehensive trace on cellphone calls between the men, the M&G said.
The electronic signature determines by triangulation where the accused were at the time of the calls and the time it took to travel between the cellphone towers.

Police also have damning SMSes sent back and forth from Tongo to Dewani on the night of the murder.

DEWANI: GUILTY of being a coward...