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#Dewani. Preyen Dewani , Whom I Believe IS The Mastermind Behind This Plot. Will He Let His Little Brother Take ALL The Heat ?

It is my belief Shrien did not work alone, his brother Preyen , 1 ) told of the killing of Anni  as though it was his own story , a fatal and stupid move  2 ) it would appear the plan was to shoot Anni three times to ensure her death ,when the first shot killed her why to shoot her again ? Preyen did not check with his contact in SA, once he knew the hit had been made he presumed 'the three bullets' story still stood and told reporters the police had informed him Anni had been shot three times...again a very stupid would be upto forensic to explain how , why and when Anni died , not a cop from the street ringing England to tell Preyen Dewani the news of how many times Anni had been shot, how could he possibly know ?  ! Anni as we now know was shot ONLY once !

Preyen , has never , to my knowledge been questioned and asked to explain where he heard the' three shot story' and more importantly who was the officer who told him this , has he been named, questioned and if so does he confirm Preyen Dewanis version?

I hope Preyen will be seriously questioned by SA police officers before he lets his little brother take ALL the heat.

Questions for PREYEN: Why, when you must have been frozen in time with the shocking news have the foresight to search for a Private Investigator BEFORE Anni had even been found, why would you even think , a PI would be needed.?

Why, when asked , did Shrien say he had to ring London to ask the family for the Registration number of the TAXI? Did you Preyen Dewani arrange for the TAXI from London ?

Did you Preyen Dewani think up the idea of a hi-jacking because the same thing had happened to a very dear friend of the family, one Dr.Pox ?
Looking closer at the Mastermnd Preyen Dewani
PREYEN returned for CCTV footage.
PREYEN Dewani a person of interest ,if not he should be ?
ONLY PREYEN Dewani claimed Anni was shot three times ?
PREYEN Dewani called PI BEFORE Annis body was found

PREYEN Dewani the mouthpiece

PREYEN Dewani shifts the blame to SA

PREYEN Dewani to be interviewed by police.

#Dewani is reported to be relying on his being "too unwell to stand trial"

Dewani is reported to be relying on his being "too unwell to stand trial" in his appeal against extradition.

This appeal is futile because the Defence with the psychiatrists evidence, Hugo Keith for the SA authorities and Judge Riddle himself ALL AGREED that Dewani was "currently unfit to plead".

The legal point made by Judge Riddle was this is not a bar to extradition. Dewani and his lawyers ca ...n tell the trial Judge in Cape Town whether he is unfit to plead. That Court will then decide if their is a case for him to answer regarding the murder. If it decides there isnt, he will be discharged. if it decides there is then either they will make special arrangements in the Court trial or he will be kept in an SA hospital for treatment till he is able to plead and stand trial.

#Dewani : Playing up his 'illness' to avoid Extradition !


(taken from Judge Riddle's Judgment)

Professor Eastman says this (page 21):
"In my opinion, Mr Dewani's mental disabilities call into serious question
whether he would be "fit to plead" in terms of the Prichard or Davies tests. "

In his report dated 11 July 2011 Professor Kopelman states, at paragraph 7:
"Hence, in my view, he is not currently fit to plead, but this is likely to change when Mr Dewani's clinical state has substantially improved."

Dr Cantrell said, in his report of 14 July, paragraph 6:
"Although fitness to plead as understood in the Prichard criteria may not come directly within the legal framework with which the court is dealing in this set of circumstances, it is my opinion that Mr Dewani is currently not fit to plead according to those criteria. "

BUT Judge Riddle ruled:
"Nevertheless it remains a question for the court, and not the experts. The experts and the parties explicitly recognize this."

#DEWANI : #PSP Group Accounts Annual Files Are Due !

The Dewani's dont mind spending hundreds of thousands on lawyers because their PSP Healthcare money was easy come and webbed up in dubious offshore Guernsey trusts whose owners cannot be identified.

Prakash was previously running a chemist shop and his 2 sons were working as employees of other companies. This family have made their money only in recent years in a short timescale by getting into ...
the care home business. At the same time Preyen Dewani has bragged about running a succesful business 'buying distressed assets' (property of people who cant afford to pay their bills, eg. huge care home bills. More and more people are asking why they are operating through Guernsey trusts and not paying UK taxes.

31 days from now, PSP Healthcare and PSP Group has to file its annual accounts. Lets see what changes in the balance sheet, staff numbers, assets and debts have occurred in the last year.


 Interesting. The McCanns fund could with ease shift it's focus and become a charity and raise far more for their cause and missing children by charitable status. However the fund does not want that kind of scrutiny! Only 13.3% of money rais ...ed from the last available figures was spent on the search. When the South African courts hand out justice one day I ask all here to remember a much bigger PR campaign to sway public opinion. Justice for Anni.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#Dewani: Cape Town Shrien

#Dewani :Honeymoon murder: Shrien Dewani extradition ordered - but victim’s family left in suspense

The Home Secretary Theresa May has formally ordered the businessman Shrien Dewani to be extradited to South Africa accused of his wife’s murder on honeymoon - but more delays are likely as he was given two weeks to appeal.

Honeymoon murder: Shrien Dewani extradition ordered  - but victim’s family left in suspense
Shrien Dewani, left, is to be extradited to South Africa where he's accused of his murdering his wife, Anni Dewani Photo: AP
Last night the family of Mr Dewani’s murdered bride, Anni Hindocha, issued an impassioned plea to him not to launch an 11th hour legal challenge so that they could finally receive “closure”.
They urged him not to delay the process further “for the sake of everybody’s health”.
But the 31-year-old, who has indicated in the past that he would launch an appeal, refused to say either way.
Even Max Clifford, who has acted as his spokesman, was left in the dark about Mr Dewani’s intentions after being ordered not to comment by his family.
Mr Dewani, a care home boss from Bristol, is accused of hiring two hitmen to kill his wife in a staged carjacking in Cape Town in November last year.

The couple were spending a few days in the city, following a lavish wedding ceremony in India, when the car in which they were travelling was stopped by two armed men in a notorious township.
Mr Dewani and his taxi driver, Zola Tongo, were both released unhurt but his bride was abducted and found dead in the back of the car.

Tongo later publicly pointed the finger at him in a plea bargain, claiming he had been paid to hire the hitmen for him.

Mr Dewani strenuously denies the claims but his lawyers opposed extradition on human rights grounds arguing that he would not receive proper treatment for severe post traumatic stress disorder.

District Judge Howard Riddle, the chief magistrate, approved the extradition last month following a lengthy legal process.

Yesterday, after reviewing the ruling, Mrs May formally signed the extradition order. But he receives an automatic 14-day delay, potentially allowing his lawyers to prepare an appeal to the High Court.

The period could also enable him to attempt to take his case to Europe in a last ditch move to avoid extradition.

Last night Anni’s uncle Ashok Hindocha, who is currently in London, welcomed Mrs May’s decision but urged Mr Dewani not to delay the process any longer.

“We are extremely pleased that this case is going forward now, I just hope that we get closure as soon as possible,” he said.

“I beg Shrien not to [lodge an appeal] for the sake of everybody’s health.”

The murdered bride’s father Vinod and mother Nilam have both seen their own health deteriorate in recent months amid uncertainty about their daughter’s death.

Tonga’s lawyer, William da Grass, said Mrs May’s decision would be welcomed in South Africa and said it was now “one step closer to seeing a resolution to this dreadful case”.

Mr Clifford said: “I’ve been told from the family no comment at all, which is something that I disagree with but they are following the advice of their lawyers.

“I personally am totally convinced that they basically have no chance of a fair trial if they go back to South Africa.”

#Dewani : Will He Appeal ?

Dewani has no chance of appealing the Home Secretary's decision because her remit is very narrow - South Africa  does not have the  death penalty and Dewani has not been extradited from another country, so there is hardly any legal basis for him to appeal. If he wants to continue his delaying games and appeal the only question is, will he attempt to appeal Judge Riddle's 52-page verdict which comprehensively shot down every single excuse used by his lawyer or does he have new facts to present?

#Dewani : Justice For Anni..BUT Maddie Will Have To Wait Just A Little Bit Longer...

#Dewani : Justice For Anni Just A Whisper Away As...The UK secretary of state has signed Shrien Dewani's extradition order.

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#Dewani : Extradition petition..

#Dewani :Vinod and Ashok Hindocha speak to media outside the Home Office, where the Dewani Must Stand Trial Petition was...

Anni #Dewani...remember Anni, always in our hearts.

#Dewani : #FACEBOOK -Justice for Anni

The petition has now officially been handed in by the Hindocha family! We would like to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who has helped us get this many signatures, it means more than you can ever imagine.. Without you we would never have come this far, so once again Thank you all! ♥ Justice for Anni ♥

#Dewani : A message from a lady who has worked so hard for 'Justice for Anni.'..I am just going to leave you her last tweet so you may read it for yourselves.

Justice 4Anni

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The Petition was formally handed over to the Home Office, via Mr Alexander Frasier of the...