Thursday, May 19, 2011

DEWANI: Extradition hearing to continue in mid July...Courts close for summer break so this could roll on into September .
Shrien Dewani’s extradition hearing is on hold until mid-July.

Three days in court, with evidence from three witnesses, drew to a close as both legal sides now await the compilation of a psychiatric report into Dewani’s mental health.

The evidence heard so far relates almost exclusively to conditions within South African prisons. The 31-year-old British businessman’s defence team argued that he will receive inhumane treatment from both warders and inmates and that it will be against his human rights to extradite him.

A series of threats posted online to various social networking sites, some claiming to come from detainees, threaten sexual violence towards Dewani in jail.

Prosecutors acting for the South African government have been trying to play down problems of overcrowding, violence and the spread of HIV among inmates, suggesting Dewani is more likely to be held in a single cell in a modern jail if found guilty.

They also said he will be carefully monitored.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Shrien Dewani is very sawy...conversation from 2004.

Whatever this strange conversation entailed ,it was the same Shrien Dewani involved with the NHSF in 2004

Wayne Sherman: Image.

Christine Nuttall ?

christine.nuttall - December 08, 2010 at 13:33
Can't believe this! I lived in SA for 28 years and trust me if the people there can lie about something to get there jail sentence lowered or to get away with it they will do.This is appalling.carjackings and murders are a daily occurrence over there and it is not a safe country anymore.The guy is innocent!!!

Anni Dewani - What Really Happened ‎"Wayne Shermon" the constituent who wrote is a PSP Healthcare director. I will find out about "Christine Nuttall"
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  • Anni Dewani - What Really Happened Adrienne, the issue now becomes why is an MP writing letters on behalf of PSP Healthcare Ltd officers when that company's owners are hidden in Guernsey trusts and it is not known if they pay tax in the UK.

    For a seasoned politician, Dr Fox has naively opened a can of worms for himself by writing a letter on behalf of Dewani, without checking the credibility and background of that family.

  • Anni Dewani - What Really Happened More letters and emails have been sent by the Admins. Lets see what HMRC and Dr Fox's office have to say now about PSP Healthcare's ownership, Guernsey offshore trust structure and UK tax liability.


    Dewani and political interference...

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Shrien Dewani Must Stand Trial in South Africa : Please go to petition. Thank-you.

    Claims Shrien Dewani would be mistreated in jail denied

    Leopold Leisser, Managing Director

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    Dewani jail 'like five-star hotel'

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    Sadomasochist Leopold Leisser is willing to testify...

    Sadomasochism: subsumes a whole array of practices whose practitioners may have very little in common. Sexologists have commonly included under this heading everything from love bites to lust-murder. What, if anything, conceptually unites the desire to receive mild pain, to give mild pain (and even these desires may take diverse forms), to be tied up or to bind one's partner, to participate in scenarios of humiliation or domination, or to receive severe pain or to inflict it? Perhaps the common factor in all these phenomena is some form of suffering, from the minor to the extreme, which has been given an erotic meaning by the actors involved. Whether, however, all forms of suffering have the same eroticized meaning is open to question.

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    Read more:

    'Honeymoon killer told rent boy of his marriage doubts'


    A businessman arranged his wife’s murder on their honeymoon six months after telling a male prostitute he had been forced into marriage and “needed to find a way out”, a court heard yesterday.

    Shrien Dewani and his wife Anni, who was murdered last November in Cape Town Photo: PA
    Shrien Dewani, 31, allegedly told the escort from Munich that his family would disown him unless he agreed to settle down with 28-year-old Anni Hindocha.
    The Dewanis married last October in a Hindu ceremony in Mumbai and went on their honeymoon to South Africa. Mrs Dewani was killed in an apparent “carjacking” in Cape Town on Nov 13.
    The South African authorities believe that Mr Dewani arranged the killing of his Swedish-born wife and want him to go on trial.
    The alleged motive was disclosed on the first day of his extradition hearing at Belmarsh magistrates’ court in south east London, watched by Mrs Dewani’s father, Vinod, who had flown in from Sweden.
    Hugo Keith QC, for the Republic of South Africa, told the court that Mr Dewani met the man, who he said was willing to give evidence, in September 2009 and confided in him in April last year.
    Mr Keith said: “He said although she was a nice, lovely girl whom he liked, he could not break off the engagement because he would be disowned by his family. He went on to say to the witness that he needed to find a way out of it.”

    Sources said the man willing to give evidence has claimed that Mr Dewani paid him for sexual intercourse on three occasions. He has given a statement to South African police. Mr Dewani denies any involvement in his wife’s death, and denied that he met the man.

    Mr Dewani is fighting extradition, saying he could be tortured in prison and would not get a fair trial. He has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is being cared for at a medium secure unit in Bristol, where he lives. He was bailed for the rest of the three-day hearing to return to the clinic.

    Mr Dewani allegedly asked Zola Tongo, the driver jailed for 18 years for his role in the killing, if he could find a hitman. Mr Keith said: “Tongo understood that Dewani wanted to have a woman killed. He indicated that he would be prepared to pay 15,000 rand, about £1,375.

    “The killing would be designed to look like a random carjacking, that Tongo and Dewani would be ejected unharmed and the victim robbed and murdered.”
    The couple’s car was stopped in Gugulethu township by two men, Xolile Mngeni and Mziwamadoda Qwabe, the court was told. Tongo and Mr Dewani were bundled out while Mrs Dewani was killed with a single bullet to the neck. Her body was found the following morning.

    Mr Keith said: “Police were suspicious. It seemed strange that neither Tongo nor Mr Dewani were injured, that the couple had chosen to see a township that Tongo knew was dangerous.”

    Mngeni and Qwabe will go on trial in June. They identified Tongo, who named Mr Dewani, who was held in Britain on Dec 7. The hearing continues.

    Shrien Dewani 'will be target of gang abuse' if extradited to South Africa

    Anni Dewani..stab wounds and that leaked report?

    Rani Kansagra...and her broken engagement.

    Shrien Dewani wanted out of marriage to Anni Hindocha, says witness

    New witness claims honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani 'arranged bride's killing to find a way out of his marriage'

    DEWANI: For updates please follow on FACEBOOK Justice for Anni..

    Many are thinking of two very young victims today Madeleine and Anni...!/Justice4Anni

    Graphic: Louis Turner.

    Dewani the charges against him are as follows...

     Murder, kidnap, robbery, conspiracy to murder and obstructing justice.

    Max Clifford speaking about Dewani.

    Shrien Dewani has arrived at court for his extradition hearing

    'Dewani will be extradited'

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Anni school plan a stunt...where is this money are we also looking at fraud ????

    Special investigation: The vital questions that honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani still won't answer

    If extradited Dewani faces a Judge not Jury

    DEWANI: Inconsistencies

    Preyen Dewani: Was the plan that Anni would be shot three times ?...his claim the first officer on the scene told him Anni had been shot three times at point blank range...there is not a police report claiming this only the word of Preyen.

    Reporter Robert Mendick : DEWANI: Wanted for his wifes murder :Mendick is a despicable little man who has no thought for the victim.

    A little snippet from Mendick (dick) could not be more appropriate when descibing this odious little squirt. MenDICK, happy to announce the death of Guihermino Encarnacao who died from stomach cancer. See below...
    Therefore one can expect little sympathy for Anni or her family from this report
    Published: 9:00PM GMT 06 Mar 2010

    “A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve."

    Mrs Dewani, 28, died from a single bullet which passed through her hand and grazed her shoulder before penetrating her neck. Mr Dewani escaped largely unscathed.

    MENDICKS reporting 'unscathed' there was not a mark on the man...remember the first witness ' he looked like he had just walked out of a restaurant'

    Sadly I believe this is turning into 'McCann' media reporting .