Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shrien Dewani. Max Clifford and OJ Simpson.

I have placed here the background of OJ Simpson and Max Clifford along with forensic images, PLEASE do not look if you feel this will upset you. Cliffords remark today  'they have accused Dewani of the murder since the beginning '  raised my hackles, as we all know this is not true.

A little background to the trial of OJ, he suffered from arthritis , any acidic fruits will inflame the joints , a couple of days before OJ was to try on the gloves, his gloves, before a jury.... he  drank a rather large quantity of orange juice thereby inflaming his joints...and when he made his acting debut to place the gloves on his hands 'VOILA' they did not fit....

My point being, Clifford is without feeling for any of his clients victims, Anni means absolutely nothing to is Dewani and as long as he pays his fees Clifford will continue to lie to protect him.
Warning GRAPHIC:

Jurors thought OJ was guilty of killing his wife and her friend.