Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DEWANI; First Witness...did DEWANI family hire car??????


From MIKE Behr In Cape Town

First witness: Simbonile Matokazi found Shrien Dewani after the robbery and subsequent murder of the latter's wife First witness: Simbonile Matokazi found Shrien Dewani after the robbery and subsequent murder of the latter's wife
A witness who encountered Shrien Dewani minutes after he was dumped by his wife’s killers has cast new light on the millionaire businessman’s account of what happened.

Simbonile Matokazi, 33, a local government auditor, says the businessman did not appear to have been thrown from the car on to sand, as Mr Dewani initially claimed.

Neither does Mr Matokazi’s testimony support the 30-year-old’s later assertion that he was dragged ‘struggling and screaming’ out of the passenger window.

He said Mr Dewani ‘had a suit on and a nice shirt underneath’ and looked neither ruffled nor bruised.

‘We just saw a decent guy,’ he added. Mr Matokazi’s observations were endorsed by a police source closely involved in the investigation.

‘The officer who reached him [Mr Dewani] said that it didn’t look like he was hurt,’ said the source. ‘He saw no injuries or anything. And there was no sand on his clothes.

‘It didn’t look like Mr Dewani had been in a struggle. He still looked smart, like he was coming out of a restaurant.’

After dropping off some friends at the airport, Mr Matokazi – who was with his wife – was about to park his car when he saw Mr Dewani staggering between some roadside shacks.

‘He said to me, “Excuse me, is there a nearby police station where I can report a hijack because my wife and I were hijacked”, ’ said Mr Matokazi.

‘I said, “Where is the car now?”

I asked a few questions about how long he had been out of the car.

‘I asked him what kind of car they were driving and he didn’t know. He said he thought it was a VW car. He was almost crying. In fact, he was crying.’

Mr Matokazi said he then called the police. ‘The guy was walking up and down, panicking and in shock. My wife was worried that the hijackers would rape his wife but I told her not to say that loud because it would upset him more.’

While they waited for the police, Mr Dewani claimed that he had been ‘kicked’ out of the car on to sand.
Asked if he appeared to have been dragged out of the car, Mr Matokazi said: ‘Honestly, no, there was nothing like that.’

But Mr Matokazi insisted that Mr Dewani seemed believable: ‘I even said if he was an actor then he must have been a good actor. Everything looked genuine that night.’

When the police arrived, they asked Mr Dewani for the registration number of the taxi and he said he could get it by ringing his family in London.

The police source said: ‘He tried to phone his family from the officer’s phone but he could only make local calls.

‘So Mr Dewani said we must take him straight to the hotel. It seems as if maybe the family hired the car for Mr Dewani.

‘Every time the officer tried to ask him questions, Mr Dewani started crying.

‘The officer would wait for Mr Dewani to calm down and then ask him again, but he just cried.’