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DEWANI: lets go back to 16th November and hear Preyens version of events, remember Preyen was not there...but he tells the story as though he were in the car with the young couple. Why would he be so vocal at such an early stage? maybe advised to get their version as quickly as possible into the Media.

UTAH: Susan Powell. Friends decorate her empty home...

Friends and family of a Utah woman missing since December have decorated her empty home with purple bows and hearts in hopes of renewing public interest in the case.

Susan Powell, 28, was last seen at home on Dec. 7.

 Her husband, Josh Powell, told police he saw his wife about 12:30 a.m. as he left with the couple's young sons for a winter camping trip on the Pony Express trail west of Salt Lake City.

Josh Powell, 34, has been called the sole person of interest in the case, but has not been arrested.

 He moved away from Utah weeks ago to stay with family in Washington state. His sister, Jennifer Graves, says the West Valley City house will eventually be sold.

Messages taped to the house Wednesday expressed love for Susan and promised a continued effort to find her and bring her home.

"If she comes back here, at least she'll have a warm welcome," said Graves, one of about two dozen who helped with the decorating project. "We'll keep hoping. We'll keep praying. We'll keep her name out there."
Police contend that Josh Powell has not been forthcoming with information in interviews with detectives.

"We have an open invitation to Joshua to come down, or invite us up there, to clear up some questions from his initial statements and help us verify what he has told us," West Valley City Capt. Tom McLachlan said.

New information and tips from the public have recently slowed, so investigators appreciate efforts by family and friends to keep Susan Powell's story in front of the public, McLachlan said.

A telephone message left for Josh Powell's attorney, Scott Williams, was not immediately returned Wednesday. Williams has said Josh Powell has cooperated with police and has never been asked to take investigators to the place he camped.

Graves and her husband said they were in Washington last Friday and had dinner with Josh Powell and his children — Charlie, 5, and Brayden, 3 — at her father's home. The couple declined to provide any details of their conversation with Josh Powell about his missing wife or his cooperation with police.

"I've been disappointed with his efforts," Jennifer Graves said.

 "He's chosen to walk away. His job right now is to talk to the police."

Graves said her nephews — both of whom celebrated birthdays in January — are doing well under the circumstances.
"They are aware that (Susan) is 'lost,' that's what they have been told," she said.

Graves said the family remains hopeful that Susan Powell is alive and will be found.
"Just keep looking, keep looking for her," she implored.

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DEWANI: Annis sister pleads from the heart...

DEWANI and the British home secretary who will make final decision on whether Shrien will be extradited...

I hate to keep bringing the McCann case into the DEWANI mystery BUT there is something very strange going on here and a pattern is emerging.

Kevin Halligen wanted in the States by the FBI..Kevin Halligen had something going on with the McCanns (illegal ). For some reason the British Goverment are holding on to him, the possibility he may sing like a bird to save his own neck comes to mind and the discovery of things the Goverment and McCanns do not want made public, for obvious reasons. Teresa May will be the one to make the decision on Dewani whether he is extradited or not.....we are still waiting for the extradition of Kevin Halligen to hear what he has to say. The British Goverment do not seem to want to let him go, they may make the same decision for Shrien Dewani...or at least drag it on for as long as possible, years I said, in England ,whether you are guilty or innocent, plays no part.....the rub, how much you are willing to pay to 'buy' your innocence.
This link explains McCanns and Kevin Halligen and when it suits Teresa May will do everything in her power to STOP someone from being extradited.

Above link explains Kevin Halligen and his NON extraditiont to the States...

Shrien Dewani Must Stand Trial in South Africa The UK Home Secretary will ultimately decide whether Shrien Dewani is to be extradited. Help to get justice for Anni Hindocha - make your view known by signing this Petition which will be presented to the Home Secretary. Sign the Online Petition

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Shrien Dewani may' pay enough' to buy his would not be the first time in England and it will not be the last.

There has been a lot of phone hacking going on in England and Gordon Brown appears somewhat twitchy ...he is concerned that his phone may have been 'hacked' during his time as 'Prime Minister' Harriet Harman made an amusing  comment when you think of the corruption in the British Goverment and Leicestershire Police Constabulary..she said 'No one is above the law' has to laugh when the McCanns clearly are and we soon shall see if Shrien Dewani will follow suit...

The Gaspar statement..LIBEL suit for any member of the  press who dares to print this piece of what could be vital evidence as to what may have happened to MADELEINE MCCANN.


I’ve learnt some important detail of the forensic test results and they rather explain perhaps why the Portuguese Police are so confident in their theory that Madeleine’s parents one or other of them, played a part in their daughter’s death. The details are these that the samples that came back last week after a British test in the UK, the samples produced 3 matches of Madeleine’s DNA. Now in the apartment, Police found 1 full match on a window seal, a full match of Madeleine’s DNA. That’s perhaps not so important because Madeleine of course had been staying there for the best part of a fortnight with her parents. Now in the hire car which was hired 5 weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, the tests have shown a partial match of Madeleine’s DNA, which might be explained by transfer onto clothes or other paraphernalia that the family were still using 5 weeks on, but this is the crucial thing, In the car the scientists have also found another, a second full match and Police say that is the most damning evidence that’s been returned by these forensic test results and It shows as far as they are concerned, the presence of Madeleine’s body in the hire car 5 weeks, at least 5 weeks after she disappeared. And as I said, this begins to explain I think why the Police are so adamant about their theory and this of course is part of the evidence that the Prosecutor here will start considering we think in the morning”.
A summary of the key points from 'The Truth of the Lie' by Goncalo Amaral

Remember the same as Clarence Mitchell ..Max Clifford tells the press what to write to show his 'client' in a vulnerable light...

Briton wanted in South Africa over his wife's murder has depression and suffers flashbacks, say friends
Anni Dewani murder
Shrien Dewani leaves Southmead police station in Bristol after reporting for bail. He could not attend an extradition hearing in London last week due to ill health. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA
The family of the British businessman accused of arranging his wife's murder during their honeymoon in South Africa say they are concerned over his failing mental health.
Shrien Dewani is described as increasingly fragile and friends say he has lost 10kg in weight during recent weeks and is tormented by flashbacks of the hijack, during which his wife Anni, 28, was taken and shot near Cape Town.

The newlyweds' taxi was hijacked in the Gugulethu township on 13 November. The driver and Dewani were left at the roadside and his wife was later found dead in the back of the abandoned cab with a bullet wound to her neck.

Four South Africans have been arrested in connection with the murder and one has been sentenced to 18 years in jail, but the country's police insist the plot was "masterminded" by Dewani and have called for his extradition.

A close family friend said that while the task of clearing his name was keeping the 30-year-old going, there was concern that his depression might become too much. He said: "This is a guy who is completely devastated, a shadow of his former self. Anybody who has seen him is shocked by his appearance. You have to remember this is someone who has been widowed at the age of 30, two weeks after he was married.

"He's fragile and unable to sleep because of the recurring flashbacks of having a gun put to his head and then his wife is driven off. As a family even we still can't fully comprehend what must be going on his mind. He is taking therapy but we are worried."

Dewani is said by his family to have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder by a psychiatrist and last week was unable to attend an extradition hearing at City of Westminster magistrates court. However, his family say the businessman is determined to make a full recovery and might voluntarily return to South Africa to fight the allegations against him.

"He's doing everything he can to get back on track so that he can clear his name. Post-traumatic stress disorder doesn't go away in a matter of days but the intention is to fight the allegations. No one would want to stay on bail under these conditions," said the friend.

Dewani, who owns a care home business in Bristol, where he lives, has been unable to work since his wife died.

His family are keen to seek assurances that if he returns to South Africa to stand trial, he will not be mistreated.

"He is going to go back into an extremely hostile environment. He's hardly Mr Popular out there and it is reasonable to secure assurances that there would not be an opportunity for a plastic bag to be put over his head or a torch shone into his face until the right answer was given," he added. The family say they are confident that once the facts behind the case emerge Dewani will be cleared by a South African judge.

In a plea bargain with the South African authorities, the taxi driver, Zola Tongo, alleged that Dewani offered him 15,000 rand (£1,400) for the killing. Tongo, 31, of Cape Town, was sentenced to 18 years in jail for murder, kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances and perverting the course of justice.

Dewani's family say there is no evidence of a connection between Tongo and Dewani and that most aspects of the case are not supported by proof.

South African police commissioner Bheki Cele has claimed that he has finally established a motive behind the murder of Dewani's bride and promised that the details would be disclosed at Thursday's extradition hearing. However, the promised disclosure never emerged after Dewani failed to attend court.

The senior South African investigating officer on the case also claimed last week that he had gathered further "good leads" since arriving in London.

Dewani may be able to defer his appearance in court a number of times, with one expert warning last night that it could take up to 12 months before a final decision is reached.

Extradition specialist Karen Todner said: "It's all subject to him being able to face proceedings. It's always difficult to fight an extradition case because you start with the basis that we have an agreement with South Africa. But since 2007 South Africa does not have to produce any evidence."

DEWANI / McCanns/Max Clifford gets another bite of the apple.

The McCanns, for  PR Guru'S like Mitchell and Clifford come along once in a lifetime. Clifford was hired by Robert Murat to 'clean his image' after the British smear campaign.(see video link below )watching Clifford in action working for the DEWANIS it is little wonder the McCanns sent some 'people' of their own to have a chat with Robert Murat and encourage him to cancel his contract with Clifford...Clifford was stung and livid as he saw his 'Golden egg' slip from his hands . To this day no one knows why Robert Murat broke off his deal with Clifford, least of all Max who was bemused. Clifford without a doubt would have made Murat a very, very wealthy man and of course made his cut along the way....Clifford and Mitchell ,head to head, would have been a 'classic' made in heaven for those who KNOW the McCanns are lying about their version of what happened to Maddie, plus a reminder of Kate McCanns words' She thought Murat was involved in the disappearance of  her daughter and how she wanted to kill him...

However, it has not gone without notice, Clifford IS walking in Clarence Mitchells shoes...he is playing' copycat' to the McCanns story. Mitchell has led this merry dance for the McCanns nigh on  four years  and with the latest reporting of a 'stress disorder'  Shrien has'suddenly' developed according to recent reports, could drag on for another twelve months without going anywhere as far as extradition is concerned..Max Clifford is on to a winner and he knows it...what he lost with Robert Murat he can make happen with Dewani...Kate McCann has morphed into Shrien ,, instead of Cuddle Cat we have Barbie Doll. Clifford has yet to play the 'human rights' card he tried the 'racist issue' but looked rather foolish as 'Cele' himself is black. Clifford at a later date will arrange for DEWANI to sue the press, there will be a book , magazine interviews and of course a film BOLLYWOOD style...Yes Clifford can see it all and from where he is sitting he cannot for Anni the victim in all of this, if you asked him, he would reply 'Anni, Anni who ?.....

Max Clifford discussing Robert Murat

DEWANI: Who is Harry Dampers?

South Africa a true picture of what Shrien Dewani faces

Profile image for HarryDampers
By HarryDampers | Monday, January 17, 2011, 12:15
It is an important topic , for Shrien Dewani it could well be life or death. Many Britons have not visited South Africa and those that have will mostly have been holidaymakers and will have been impressed by the beauty of the country.
Shrien Dewani will not be there for the beauty ...his life will be on the line.
Many South Africans are incredibly patriotic fact they do not seem to realise when their patriotism causes them to be more than a litte economical with the truth.
Here are some of the facts that effect the Dewani case :
1. The Police ForceHere is a short extract from a university paper on corruption in the South African Police Service:

" Furthermore, approximately one third were functionally illiterate, 30 000 policemen did not have drivers licenses and 20 000 policemen possessed criminal records (Business Day, 27 August, 2001). A key indicator of the size of the problem can be found in official figures revealing that 14 600 police members were facing criminal charges ranging from murder, rape, armed robbery, assault, theft and bribery to reckless driving during 2000 (Masuko, 2000). Therefore, it can be argued that the new South African Police Service could be likened to a poorly made barrel containing a large number of 'bad apples'. "That is pretty stunning isn't it ...these are the people that hold Dewani's life in their hands.
The Justice System

Described in 2008 by (then) deputy justice minister Johnny de Lange as :

"a dysfunctional criminal justice system that spans across multiple departments and agencies involving vast numbers of personnel, processes and information that has (sic) to function harmoniously, resulting in high levels of fragmentation, dysfunctionality, many blockages and obstacles, high levels of unaccountability and overall system weaknesses."Would any of you want your son or daughter to be tried by such a system ?
Two High Profile Recent Cases of corruption at high levelsBoth Fred Van Der Vyver and (seperate case) Glenn Agliotti were found not guilty in very high profile cases ...similar to the Dewani case.

Van Der Vyver is now sueing the minister of police for more than R40 million in damages for irregular prosecution after he was aquited in November 2007 on charges that he murdered his girlfriend Inge Lotz in March 2005.
In both cases , evidence was fabricated by South Africans to make innocent men look guilty.
In the Agliotti case the judge had this to say :
“It is clear … that the Directorate of Special Operations (DAO) – and its predecessor the Scorpions – wanted the accused so badly that it did not matter how evidence was procured to prosecute him.”
“There was an abuse ot the system by police. My considered view is that if this state of affairs … is allowed … to persist, we should all be very afraid,” said and added that the interference with witnesses pointed to the irregular action of the investigators and the investigating team.
About the supplementary affidavit by the state’s key witness, Clinton Nassif, Kgomo said that “the timing of the … affidavit points to a pre-determined, pre-meditated course of action to implicate the accused.
The judge compared the case to some scenes from the book and film, The Godfather and said among others the “Section 204 witnesses, a rendition of their evidence was like a scene from a Mafia film. It was tragic, emotionless, cold and comical … only that it was real and serious.”
The case was characterized by “hidden, sinister agendas with shady characters, ostensibly croocked business persons, and corrupt civil servants who dined with the devil,” he said.Yes , this is the "fair trial" that may face British citizen Shrien Dewani anyone fooled by these South Africans ?

I wonder how many innocent men are languishing in South African jails because of the corruption that is rife in that country ....after all we only see those cases where the South African police and prosecution are CAUGHT.

Dewani ‘may be faking it’

iol pic briton_shrien_dewani
Shrien Dewani.
Briton Shrien Dewani, who is suspected of orchestrating the hijack and murder of his bride of two weeks, Anni, in Cape Town in November last year, is probably faking a meltdown to stall his extradition, according to a local psychologist.
Last week celebrity spin doctor Max Clifford, who is on Dewani’s payroll, told the presiding judge at the start of extradition proceedings at the City of Westminster Magistrate’s Court that his client was medically unfit to attend court.
Chief magistrate Howard Riddle heard that Dewani was suffering from a “depressive adjustment disorder” and “acute stress disorder”. The name of the psychiatrist or psychologist who compiled the report submitted to court has not been released.
However, according to highly regarded Durban clinical psychologist Francois de Marigny, it is “highly unlikely” that either of the diagnoses would apply in Dewani’s case.
De Marigny, who is also experienced in forensic psychology, is frequently asked to present expert testimony in court regarding the mental state of prisoners.
“According to the most recent diagnostic criteria for mental disorders, neither diagnosis seems logical in this instance. While you can get adjustment disorder with a depressed mood, an exclusionary criterion is bereavement.
“Usually with adjustment disorder it needs to have occurred within three months of a significant stressor, and lasts no longer than six months.
“The criteria for a diagnosis of acute stress disorder are: a traumatic event involving confrontation during which the patient was threatened with death or serious injury, provoking feelings of helplessness or horror, numbing, detachment and depersonalisation. It lasts a minimum of two days, and a maximum of four weeks. It occurs within four weeks of the traumatic event, which clearly does not apply to Dewani.”
De Marigny said that it would make sense to screen Dewani to ascertain whether he was malingering.
“There are standardised psychological assessments which would accurately predict if he is feigning mental illness.”
A State advocate who can not be named for professional reasons said: “It is literally mind-boggling how many variants of bogus physical and mental disorders are presented to the court as reasons why accused parties cannot attend proceedings. It is then up to the court to sift out the charlatans.”
Independent advocate Pingla Hemraj said Dewani’s excuse was the basic “I’m too sick to put in an appearance” defence.
“It is not unusual to find an accused person claiming ill health. He is very clever to be starting a pattern of alleged ill health so early on. It is difficult to say at this juncture whether he will succeed in his bid” (to remain on extended bail). - Sunday Tribune

Shrien Dewani fragile and has lost weight....

A family friend told the Observer Mr Dewani is becoming increasingly fragile and has lost a lot of weight.

Read more:

Fragile Kate McCann who has lost weight...

November 3, 2007

Friends fear for Kate McCann's fragile health

Remember Max Clifford and Clarence Mitchell are PAID to do this

DEWANI: Latest from FACEBOOK..keep your eye on McCanns as the DEWANI saga plays out..the moves are 'copycat'

Anni Dewani - What Really Happened

Me gusta
Anni Dewani - What Really Happened
Shrien Dewani is struggling to cope with the aftermath of his wife Anni's murder during their honeymoon in Cape Town, according to a family friend.
    Dex Morgan

    Dex Morgan Thanks Tez. I'm new to this forum so I'm still catching up with the general consensus. Glad to know we're on the same page regarding Trapido.

    Guess this makes Trapido just another gun for hire. Pathetic.

    Hace 53 minutos · · Comentar
      Dex Morgan

      Dex Morgan It seems Dewani is experiencing what Macbeth felt when he killed Duncan.

      Hace aproximadamente una hora. · · Comentar
        Simba Morag

        Simba Morag The desperation is clearly growing within the Dewani camp in the Sunday Times article today Preyen has done a major U turn and claims that the family are not concerned about Shrien receiving a fair trial but more concerned about his safety. Despite the expensive lawyers they have just realised that alleged lack of fair... trial is not grounds for stoping the extradition. They are now trying the Human rights card and see if they can get off on that basis. The new approach will also fail do the decent thing and hand yourself to the S.A. Authorities and put your case to the court as all accused people have to and let the court decide. If you are innocent you have nothing to fear but your behaviour very much does suggest that you have something to hide.

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        Hace aproximadamente una hora. · · Comentar
          Joey Greese

          Joey Greese MC...aren't you gonna look the fool in the end? I hope this one bites you in the arse...REAL HARD!

          Hace 2 horas · · Comentar
          Dex Morgan

          Dex Morgan Dewani has got a case of the shakes. Schabir Shaik to be exact.

          Michael Trapido, editor of NewsTimes, goes to great lengths for some reason to defend Dewani's illness and explain that the only resemblance with Shaik is they both saw doctors. "So do billions of people". We know that jackass!!! The similarity is that they... both used the medical profession to excuse themselves from facing justice.

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          Anni Dewani - What Really Happened
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          Anni Dewani - What Really Happened

          Anni Dewani - What Really Happened PETITION HAS REACHED OVER 2750 SIGNATURES

          Keep spreading the word please - twitter, facebook, email, text all your contacts, and get your contacts to pass on to their contacts.

          Once a UK Court decides that Shrien Dewani should be extradited, this Petition calls on the UK Home Secretary to grant the South African government's request for extradition so justice can be served for Anni Hindocha and her accused husband can respond to the evidence against him in a South African.
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          • A Celestine Goliath y Priya Chotai les gusta esto.
            • Anni Dewani - What Really Happened
              It will take just a FEW MINUTES of each of yours time, please contact all your contacts to sign the Petition.

              You would want all the support if it was your sister or daughter, so lets show our support to the Hindocha's - email, text and fac...ebook as many ppl as you can.

              Lets get this thing to 3000, and then to 5000+ :-)
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              Hace 3 horas ·
          Sandy Billy
          It is claimed that the men who murdered Anni Dewani had "a bit of a party" after the shooting, with one of the men singing karaoke and buying drinks for everyone at a local tavern.
            Dominic Chifamba

            Dominic Chifamba Shrien family say they need assuarances for a fair trial from SA authorities, and that he will not be touchered etc then he will go voluntarily . No need for all that. This is a high profile international case and Beki Cele is eager to exhibit to the World how proffessional the Police system he head is, especially he himself had made reference to Shrien as a monkey.
            I have stayed in Cape Town for so many years. Gugulethu is a notorious ghetto township. I have never been there during the light of day myself. It puzzles me to
            hear that a tourist from UK would wish to go there in the middle of the night on honey moon light

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            Shenaaz 'Sweetz' Mahomed

            Shenaaz 'Sweetz' Mahomed Adrienne Boscombe Olivier ▶ Shenaaz 'Sweetz' Mahomed Please post this on Annis what relly happened page as I am still not able to post

            3 minutes ago · Like · Remove · Wall-to-Wall

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              Joey Greese

              Joey Greese If shrien is getting weaker and sicker by the day,losing more weight,wanting to commit suicide,etc,etc....does this mean he loved Anni MORE(??!!) than her own family did,who are not showing the same symptoms?They might still be in deep mourning and not accused of her murder,but if the case and evidence is so flimsy and... false and he is innocent as he and his camp imply,shouldn't he be much stronger?!
              The strategy has long changed from proving his innocence to keeping him away from the Law.
              Maxi(bullshit artist)Clifford....when will you say to us,Shrien looks forward to his day in court to prove to the world his innocence and show us what a lousy lying bunch the South Africans are.You can't,and don't care as long as the cheques keep coming.

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                Tez Bhamra

                Tez Bhamra ‎"Thats it Shrien, you nearly perfected it. Just squint the eyes a bit more, let the beard grow longer, and crouch a bit more."