Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anni Hindochas last call to her parents.

Shrien Dewani is a deceitful person, he is also very materialistic. Anni's parents no longer refer to her as Anni Dewani but Anni Hindocha. People are now asking why has Annis family suddenly come forward to tell of a distressed phone call the day she died. Anni's parents have chosen to keep a dignified silence and maybe would not have even mentioned the call had it not been for Shrien .

Anni clearly did phone her parents the day she died but what she said we do not know, we only have the word of Dewani as to what was spoken and her reasons for wanting to contact her family. According to Dewani Anni told her family she was having a wonderful time, but did she ? Anni cannot confirm her last phonecall to her parents we only know that she spoke to them. Anni's parents say it was a distressed phonecall, Shrien innocent until proven guilty but not of lying...

Phone records can be checked if SA police have found Shriens mobile phone to see if he did indeed contact his entire family the day Anni died.

Quote from Shrien...

‘I don’t know if you believe in fate, but prior to last Saturday we had spoken to literally no one while we were on honeymoon. However, on the afternoon of the attack, Anni suggested that we should talk to our families. We phoned them all: our parents, grandparents and aunts and told them what a wonderful time we were having.’

The picture painted is of a very unhappy Anni . Also Anni returned to England for a five day festivity 'Hindu Festival Diwali'....Max Clifford has yet to release 'Happy pictures' of this event....Why?

Above link of 'Hindu Festival Diwali'

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