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Shrien he guilty of cold blooded murder?????

‘I don’t know if you believe in fate, but prior to last Saturday we had spoken to literally no one while we were on honeymoon. However, on the afternoon of the attack, Anni suggested that we should talk to our families. We phoned them all: our parents, grandparents and aunts and told them what a wonderful time we were having.’ End of quote

Comment : Everything according to Shrien is at Anni's suggestion..the trip and the phone call...the last phone call she would ever make to her family....(a pang of guilt maybe on the part of Shrien)...AND the taxi was pre-booked through Shriens secretary...Shrien Dewani wanted Anni to ring her family and tell them 'how happy she was' she also according to her father had lots to tell him on her return. But Anni would never return and he would never know what she wanted to tell him.

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SHRIEN DEWANI booked taxi in England through his secretary...

South Africa honeymoon murder: driver charged with murder and kidnap

The driver of the Cape Town shuttle taxi hired by British honeymooners Shrien and Anni Dewani has been charged helping to kidnap the couple and murder her.

Honeymoon murder: victim's family urge police not to rule out 'anyone or anything'
Anni and Shrien Dewani shared a 'fairytale' wedding before they were attacked during a taxi ride through a township near Cape Town on their honeymoon Photo: PA
Zola Tongo, 31, appeared in court this morning together with one other man, 25-year-old Mziwamadoda Qwabe. Both are charged with murder, aggravated robbery and hijacking, along with Xolile Mngeni, 23, who appeared in court last week.
Prosecutors disclosed Mr Tongo is ready to turn state witness and promised to reveal all he knows about how Mrs Dewani, 28, was killed in return for a suspended sentence.
It has been suggested that her death may have been organised as a "planned hit" rather than a random carjacking, and police have promised an "explosive revelation" about the case in the coming days.
Local media claim that police believe Mr Tongo made a phone call to a friend as he drove Mr and Mrs Dewani back to their Cape Town hotel from dinner out of town on Saturday November 13.
According to Mr Dewani, his wife said she had wanted to see the "real Africa" and they asked him to detour via the township of Guguletu.
Mr Tongo allegedly called his friend to tell him what the couple were planning and where in the township they were planning to go.

The couple were ambushed by two armed men as they stopped at a junction and Mr Tongo was forced out of the car. Mr Dewani said a gun was placed to his head and he was pushed out of a window around half an hour later.

Swedish-born Mrs Dewani's body was found some seven hours later on the back seat of the abandoned car. She had been shot in the neck.

Shrien Dewani, 30, a businessman from Bristol, said he had booked Mr Tongo through his secretary and he had met them at the city's airport before taking them to their waterfront hotel, The Cape Grace, then later to dinner.

Mr Tongo previously insisted he was not involved.

"This is a very bad situation and I am in fear of my life. I did not do it. I have done nothing wrong," he was quoted as saying.

Prosecutor Rodney de Kock told the court that Mr Tongo, who is a South African from Cape Town, is likely to enter into a "plea bargain".

"Discussions are taking place as to any admissions the accused number three (Tongo) may wish to make," Mr De Kock told the Wynberg Magistrates' Court in Cape Town.

"Should these discussions be successful, then accused number three will enter into a plea bargain with the State."

All three men who have been arrested in connection with the attack are being held in police custody and will appear in court again next Monday.

The latest development comes as Shrien Dewani reportedly prepares to return to Cape Town to identify his attackers.

South Africa's chief of police General Bheki Cele previously said that neither Mr Dewani, nor Mr Tongo, were suspects in the case.

Shrien told TELEGRAPH he booked taxi through his secretary...this confirms what the secretary is quoted as saying..also explaining why Shrien said he would ring home for the registration number..

Cops: Driver Betrayed Bride Slain on Her Honeymoon

Nov 22, 2010 – 2:50 PM
AOL News
(Nov. 22) -- A Swedish bride who was carjacked, robbed and slain while honeymooning in South Africa was set up by her taxi driver, who was working with the attackers, police said.

Shrien & Anni Dewani
Whitehotpix /
A taxi driver appeared in a South African court Monday on murder, kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges in connection with the death of Anni Dewani, right, who was on her honeymoon with husband Shrien Dewani when she was killed.
Driver Zola Tongo, 31, appeared in court in Cape Town this morning on murder, kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges, according to media reports. He is the third suspect arrested in the shooting death of Anni Dewani.

"He is the driver of the vehicle, of the taxi," National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said,
according to, a website providing Swedish news in English.

The 28-year-old Dewani, a part-time model who grew up in Mariestad in central
Sweden, had recently married British businessman Shrien Dewani, 30, in a ceremony in Mumbai, India. The newlyweds were on their honeymoon in South Africa when they were carjacked on Nov. 13, authorities said.

The couple had dined at a restaurant outside Cape Town and were on their way back to their hotel in the city when they asked their driver to take them through the township of Gugulethu so they could get a look at "the real Africa,"
according to the Daily Mail, a British newspaper.

Telegraph, another British paper, quoted local media as reporting that police believe Tongo agreed to the request, then made a call to a friend.

Two armed men ambushed the car as it stopped at an intersection and Tongo was pushed out of the car. Shrien Dewani told authorities he was pushed out of the car at gunpoint about an hour later in a neighborhood.

The husband, who was not hurt, flagged down a passing motorist, who drove him to a police station.

The taxi was found the next morning in an impoverished township with Anni Dewani dead in the back. She had been shot and robbed of a Giorgio Armani wristwatch, a white gold and diamond bracelet, a handbag and BlackBerry phone, TheLocal said.

Mzwamadoda Qwabe, 26, and Xolile Mngeni, 23, were arrested last week, South Africa's
the Mail & Guardian newspaper said. Tonga was arrested Saturday. He and Qwabe appeared today in Wynberg Regional Court with Qwabe. They were ordered held until a hearing set for Nov. 29.
Shrien Dewani, from Bristol, England, said that he had had booked Tongo through his secretary and that he driver had met them at the Cape Town airport, the Telegraph said.
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Dewani said that after the carjacking, he had some doubts about the driver, but his suspicions were allayed by Tongo's apparent willingness to help police.

"Initially I had a lot of suspicion about the driver. But he spent all of Sunday [Nov. 14] helping the police and was able to answer all the police's questions," Dewani said, according to the Daily Mail. "By the end of it, I quite liked him."

Tongo had previously insisted he was not involved.

"This is a very bad situation and I am in fear of my life. I did not do it. I have done nothing wrong," he said, according to the Telegraph.

Shrien booked taxi through his secretary ,which means taxi booked from England...

DEWANI:autopsy findings wil be heard in court.

DEWANI: Justice Department silent on Dewani extradition

The Justice Department on Monday refused to confirm whether Shrien Dewani’s extradition matter will be heard in a London court in January.

The British businessman was arrested earlier in December in connection with the murder of his wife Anni. The 28-year-old woman was shot dead in Cape Town in November.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has submitted its official extradition papers with the justice ministry, who along with the International Relations and Cooperation Department, will be responsible for liaising with its British counterparts.

It is believed an extradition inquiry will take place on 20 January 2011.
Meanwhile, the Mail Online is reporting a leaked document indicates Anni was both shot and stabbed.

(Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)

Shrien Dewani left SA on the condition he would co-operate...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monde Mbolombo seems to hold the key...

A legal analyst says it is highly likely that Shrien Dewani will be extradited to South Africa to stand trial in the murder of his wife, Anni. The statement comes after Dewani returned to his family home in Bristol in the United Kingdom where he has to report to the local Bristol police station under terms of his strict bail conditions.
Taxi driver Zola Tongo has accused Mr Dewani of offering him R15 000 for his wife's murder. Tongo’s mother, Primrose, blames the 30-year-old newly-wed for her son's problems.

Meanwhile, independent legal analyst Advocate Kevin Malunga says the United Kingdom has already indicated that it is eager to see a just conclusion to the Dewani case. 

In other developments, the so-called middle man who allegedly recruited two hit-men from Khayelitsha to kill Mrs Dewani, has reportedly been granted indemnity from prosecution. 

Well-placed sources within the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) say Monde Mbolombo will not be spending time in prison if he testifies truthfully in the Dewani murder trial.

Mr Mbolombo, a receptionist at a Cape Town hotel, is a key state witness in the case. He has reportedly given police a full witness statement that implicates Mr Tongo as well as Mr Dewani. 

Tongo was sentenced to 18-years in prison in return for making an affidavit implicating Mr Dewani in the hit on his wife. Mr Dewani is fighting his extradition to South Africa.

Middle man and CCTV footage, MSN messages between Dewani and Tongo

Monde...found hitman

DEWANI.Gunmen smashed drivers window...??????

There have been no reports of any damage to the car and from the image the windscreen is not 'smashed' as Shrien claims. He also claims Tongo had to unlock the 'child security' latches as the 'killers ' could not get in and in the next breath he claims they had to push him out of the window because the 'security locks ' were on.  If lying was a criminal offence Shrien would be in jail.

DEWANIS Barbie Doll...

HONEYMOON murder suspect Shrien Dewani spends hours clutching a Barbie doll he bought for his murdered wife Anni.
Distraught Dewani, 30, who is fighting extradition to South Africa, bought his wife the sari-clad doll at their wedding in India.

It was the last gift he bought her and he has been reduced to clinging to it for comfort as he grieves her death and battles allegations that he was behind her murder.

The doll stands amid photographs of Anni at the centre of a shrine he has made to her at his Bristol home.

Shrien’s family have told how he is unable to sleep and spends his days sobbing and suffering repeated flashbacks of his wife’s death.

His poor state of health emerged yesterday as the Dewani family released some of the last pictures of the couple together.

The pictures were taken at their lavish wedding ceremony in Mumbai, India, seven weeks ago just before they returned to Britain to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali before going on to Cape Town for their fateful honeymoon.

The couple are seen dancing together in traditional dress and looking very much in love as they dance to a song called Pehla Nasha, meaning true love.

Just two weeks later Anni was dead, victim of an apparent carjacking in South Africa. Soon afterwards Shrien had been accused of being involved in her kidnap.
Shrien is on medication to control his moods and receiving counselling from psychiatric experts to pull him back from the brink of a breakdown.

Family and friends are watching him round the clock and fear for his well-being as he mourns his wife’s death and battles claims by South African police that he conspired in the murder.

Shrien’s greatest comfort comes from the Barbie doll. He nicknamed Anni, 28, “My Barbie” and when he spotted the doll in a shop in Mumbai he bought it for his Swedish bride as a gift.
A member of the Dewani family said yesterday: “The Barbie was Anni’s favourite doll and it became a bit of a thing between them.

“Shrien used to call her his perfect Barbie because of her beauty and because she was always dressed up to the nines.

“Anni loved Barbie dolls when she was a child and Shrien loved it when Anni wore a sari.

“The Barbie doll is dressed in a traditional Indian sari and Shrien just clings to this doll as one of the last memories of Anni.

“She loved to pose for pictures and Shrien still has about 20 photographs at home which he constantly leafs through.

“He is broken, not just by her death but by the claims that he was involved. Everything that has been said is ridiculous. They were so much in love.

“Shrien is not coping. He has lost 18lb in weight and three inches off his waist size.
“He is like a zombie on medication and suffers awful flashbacks.

“He is receiving the counselling he needs to get through this, but he is struggling to eat or sleep and the trauma is repeating itself every day.” The wealthy businessman, who runs a care home company with his elder brother Preyen, is on £250,000 bail as he battles extradition.

His family say they plan to take legal action over claims last week that Shrien had a relationship with a German rent boy.

They also deny claims that South African police also wanted to question his brother Preyen, 31.

Two gunmen hijacked the honeymoon couple’s taxi on November 13. Shrien told police they forced driver Zolo Tongo, 31, out of the vehicle and drove off before later kicking him out, too.

Anni’s body was found the next day with a gunshot to the neck.

Tongo was last week sentenced to 18 years in jail for murder, kidnapping and robbery after claiming Shrien paid him and two other men to kill his wife.

Xolile Mbguni, 23, and Mziwamadoda Qwabe, 25, face charges of murder, aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

A family spokesman said yesterday: “We have never been contacted by the South African police.

“We don’t know what is going on but it has been strongly suggested that there is another agenda at work.”

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DEWANI / Jamie Oliver restaurant in one version of events Shrien claims they were looking for...

Why would they be looking for another restaurant when they had just eaten?...In another version they were heading back to the hotel for a drink.

DEWANI: Preyen and Shrien give two versions of events on 16th November

Preyen states she was found at 7.00 am   Shrien 10.30 am

DEWANI: And why it just does not add up...

Murder in the rainbow nation

Author Tim Butcher explores the hidden side of the South African city of Cape Town, where tourist Anni Dewani was murdered - and asks why the case still does not add up.

Anni and Shrien Dewani with their family on their wedding day
Anni and Shrien Dewani with their family on their wedding day Photo: SWNS
In the townships of Cape Town carjacking and murder are grimly routine, so commonplace they barely register in the press, investigated by local police with scant hope of the culprits ever being caught.
But there was nothing routine about the shooting two weeks ago of Anni Dewani, the elegant 28-year-old honeymooner of Indian extraction whose body was found in an abandoned car in Khayelitsha, South Africa's largest shantytown.
Victims tend to be local not foreign like Mrs Dewani, a Swede whose family had been forced out of their home in Uganda by Idi Amin in his anti-Asian pogroms of the early 1970s and given asylum in Scandinavia.
And the response of the South African authorities to the case has been just as extraordinary.

 After hosting a largely crime free World Cup, the criminal justice system is doing everything it can to solve the case, anxious to protect the country's reputation and undermine critics who dwell on high crime rates.
They had one lead to work on. High though the carjacking and murder rate is in South Africa, it is rarely random, so the investigation focussed on whether the killing was a set-up and, if so, by who?

The extraordinary factors surrounding the case mean every detail of the murder has been pored over from South Africa to Sweden and Britain, home to her husband of just two weeks, Shrien Dewani, 31, a healthcare executive from Bristol.

The newlyweds had started their honeymoon with a safari near South Africa's world famous Kruger Park before flying to the nation's `Mother City' and were only a day into the Cape Town leg of their trip when the carjacking took place.

The role of Mr Dewani in particular has come under growing scrutiny, with the millionaire giving a series of newspaper interviews to present various versions of events.

After flying home to Britain, apparent inconsistencies in his accounts stirred yet more media interest and he took the unusual step of retaining the services of Max Clifford as spokesman and media manager.

Mr Clifford has said his client is now under sedation and described him as ``absolutely devastated that, after losing the love of his life, he is now the subject of foul rumour and murky claims''.

Meanwhile with South Africa's reputation as a safe tourist destination on the line the local authorities have taken remarkable measures with the case.

Rodney de Kock, the most senior public prosecutor in the local province of the Western Cape, was given the task of overseeing the case, appearing at press conferences and court arraignments normally far below his pay grade.

At first good progress in the investigation was made as three local men were arrested and charged with the kidnap, robbery and murder.

But with the case adjourned until Monday, police have still not completed their investigation nor ruled out charging others with involvement.

One of the three charged men is understood to be arranging a plea bargain whereby the authorities reduce any potential sentence in exchange for detailed information about the background to the case.

When news came through of a tourist kidnapped after dark and murdered out on the Cape Flats, the dusty pancake-flat hinterland to the picturesque massif of Table Mountain, questions were immediately asked about what the victim was doing there at that time.

Back in the worst days of apartheid in the 1950s and 1960s, Cape Town's non-white population was ethnically cleansed and dumped out on the Flats in a series of informal settlements that would become known as townships.

Langa was the first but as it filled to overflowing its population spilled out into a series of ever larger communities including Guguletu and Khayelitsha.

In spite of grim living conditions the proximity of the city's vibrant economy meant the townships acted like a sump for economic migrants both from within South Africa and beyond, mushrooming in size year after year.

The end of apartheid in 1994 did little to end the economic impetus so new arrivals have kept coming.

According to one count Khayelitsha's 2.2 million population now makes it the largest township in South Africa, overtaking Soweto outside Johannesburg 900 miles north east.

Townships were once the battleground in the struggle against apartheid but today they are the setting for South Africa's battle against poverty and crime.

While the distinctive outline of Table Mountain is visible over the corrugated iron roof tops of crowded shanties on the Flats, the area is a world away from the well-tended vineyards and spotless beaches seen by foreign tourists visiting Cape Town.

Safe enough during the day, they attract a trickle of tourist visitors, including the celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, whose media machine recently produced a magazine piece lauding Mzoli's butchery and restaurant in Guguletu.

The chef was photographed with some of Mzoli's signature dishes – meat cooked on braai – and he wrote enthusiastically about the ``brilliant vibe'' of the place.

But darkness changes the character of the townships completely, transforming swathes of the Flats into a dangerous and lawless landscape where bars close early and streets empty. Mzoli's, for example, closes at 7pm.

And that is what makes the actions of the Dewanis so difficult to explain at roughly 11.30pm on the night of Saturday 13 November.

After eating in restaurant in town of Somerset West they were returning by taxi to their upmarket hotel, the Cape Grace, in the centre of Cape Town's well-visited Waterfront district, when the car turned off the main N2 highway and headed the short distance into Guguletu.

There were only three people in the vehicle, the Dewanis, and the driver, Zola Tongo, 31, an immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr Dewani told one newspaper that his wife had suggested a detour into Guguletu to ``look at the real Africa'' but he later told another reporter it was the brainchild of the the driver.
Police are believed to have scrutinised Tongo's mobile phone to check reports he had called ahead someone to inform them of the plan to head into Guguletu.

The roads in Guguletu still bear apartheid-era names and it was at the junction of NY (standing for Native Yard) 108 and NY112 that two armed carjackers forced their way into the vehicle before ejecting Tongo.

Again, Mr Dewani gave inconsistent accounts saying the incident in effect happened straight after they turned off the motorway but he later said the driver had had enough time to take them past Mzoli's nearby before the attackers struck.

One of the attackers took the wheel and drove a few miles into neighbouring Khayelitsha where Mr Dewani was thrown out of the car before his wife was driven off by the two armed men.

Once more his accounts of being ejected from the vehicle differed. In one he said he was thrown out of the car window while it was moving, and in a second account he said the car had stopped and he was pulled out of the window.

The abandoned vehicle was found after daybreak on Sunday 14 November with Mrs Dewani's corpse in the back. She had been shot once in the neck. The South African police have not confirmed nor denied whether she was the victim of sexual assault.

Mr Dewani cooperated fully with the South African police in the aftermath of the attack and was given permission to fly home to Britain four days after the attack with the body of his wife for her funeral.

Mr Tongo has now been arrested and charged with kidnap, robbery and murder, along with two other men, Xolile Mngeni, 26, Mzwamadoda Qwabe, 26, both from Khayelitsha.
Mr Dewani's local lawyer, Billy Gundelfinger, said he had been in regular contact with the South African police and prosecuting authorities but had received no request for his client to return to South Africa.

Focus now shifts to the next scheduled court appearance tomorrow (MON) in Cape Town where details of the plea bargain being arranged with Tongo are expected to become clear.
Tim Butcher is the author of, `Chasing the Devil – The Search for Africa's Fighting Spirit', published by Chatto & Windus

DEWANI / Max Clifford allowing comments in the Daily Mail to feel the ground as extradition papers have now been served. Knowing the seedy Max Clifford he will be ordering the Mail to only pass anti South African comments. It is a disgrace but exactly what Clarence Mitchell did with the McCanns..they call it ' proving the accused are innocent'

I too hope this poor lady gets proper justice, who ever did the dastardly deed.
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Unfortunately there is a great deal of corruption in South Africa, but one would assume that everyone knows SA's crime statistics, and as much as South Africa would like to make things look better, trying to prove a foreigner was responsible for one murder is hardly going to do it.

There are guidelines all over the internet on safety precautions when travelling to SA.

This whole thing is very bizarre.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Anni's family, and I hope and pray that those responsible do the time. May she RIP
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Shouldn't cases like this be closed off to the media until the trial is over and people are found guilty or not guilty?

How can a jury or even a judge make a decision with all the reports and speculation? It doesn't matter that will be reviewing evidence and reports submitted - the information reported from the media will still be in the mind.
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The more you read about this, the more it seems obvious that South Africa is trying to frame the Brit to protect there countries tourism. It is more likly that Anni would have been shot in th heart not neck if she was being executed.

Also, eye-witness statments before suggested she could have been sexually assulted because of her clothing.

Seems like a robery that went into a sexual assult and then all went wrong and ended in murder. Then South Africa trying a majory cover up to hide, robbery, rape and murder.

Mr Dewani may struggle clearing his name given and getting true justice for Anni given he's against a nation. Maybe UK police can offer assistance.
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Anyone that is familiar with how the SA government works will know they are capable of anything when it comes to hiding information. Most ministers in South Africa, including the police force are Marxists.

Witnesses said Anni's underwear was pulled down and her dress up. Maybe she fought for her dear life when they said they wanted to rape her. Obviously not happy the woman is fighting back they shot her. If you don't shoot 'someone' deliberately why does the article state about stab wounds in her back? You don't stab someone three times by accident.

Today there's another story in the mail about a couple that got attacked with a machete. The headline read: "We were virtually hacked to death with a machete in Tobago... but all the authorities did was to ask us to tell the world about their 'fantastic' island"

The SA government is VERY sensitive to it's international image. Sacrificing a couple, as Marxism dictates, is a small price to pay in order to protect a country.
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Nice one DM- I'm sure this is exactly what her family needs to be reading at this time of year.

A tad heartless no?
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This is such a tragedy for the parents of this beautiful woman. My heart goes out to them.
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Poor girl.I hope everyone responsible in this is punished and her family get the justice they deserve.
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RIP Anni.
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Decks cleared for Dewani's extradition to SA over wife's murder conspiracy

Cape Town, Dec 25 : Extradition papers of Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire whose wife was murdered during their honeymoon in Cape Town last month, have reportedly been processed by the South African Justice Department, clearing the way for his extradition from the UK to stand trial for allegedly conspiring to kill his wife.

News 24 quoted ministry spokesperson Tlali Tlali as saying that the step was taken to ensure that any suspect alleged to have committed a crime in South Africa was brought back to stand trial in that country.

"The extradition papers which have now been processed by the central authority (DG, Justice Department) confirm that we are satisfied that our request to have Dewani extradited from the UK is compliant with the requirements of the existing agreement on matters of this nature, including the 40-day period within which to submit relevant papers," he said.

"This clears the path for an extradition enquiry to take place in the UK on 20 January 2011," he added.

Talli also said that the move would help to a fair trial could take place based on available evidences.

The application papers were submitted to the justice department by the National Prosecuting Authority on Thursday.

"We submitted the extradition papers to the department of justice, which is the central authority, and they will facilitate the process which goes through the diplomatic channels," NPA spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said.

Dewani is accused of having his wife Anni murdered in a staged hijacking in South Africa in Gugulethu, outside Cape Town, in November this year.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

ANNI DEWANI: Stab wounds in her back says leaked report.. more torment for Annis parents

Honeymoon bride 'was executed in cold blood': Leaked South African report reveals how Anni was killed

By George Arbuthnott and Mike Behr
Last updated at 12:14 AM on 26th December 2010

The bride killed while on honey-moon in South Africa was executed in cold blood, and had not been sexually assaulted, a leaked medical report suggests.

A document written by a paramedic who attended the scene states that Anni Dewani was killed after sustaining wounds to her neck and back.

This appears to contradict the alleged findings of an investigation by a ballistics expert apparently commissioned by the legal team representing her husband Shrien.
Newlyweds: Shrien and Anni Dewani
Newlyweds: Shrien and Anni Dewani
This apparently found that she had been shot through the hand.
Victims who suffer hand wounds have often been shot unintentionally during a struggle.

The document, officially known in South Africa as a Declaration of Death, was compiled by a paramedic at 7.59am on November 14, just an hour-and-a-half after police found the body of Anni, 28.
Under the section ‘description of incident’ it states that Anni was discovered ‘lying on her back and side. Wound to neck and wounds to medial scapula in the middle of her back’.

At the bottom of the document it states: ‘Unable to determine if wound in neck is gunshot wound.’

The report makes no mention of injuries to Anni’s hands.
Medic's report: Anni Dewani wounds
Medic's report: Anni Dewani wounds
A medical officer who attended the scene said: ‘I didn’t see any wounds on her hands. I didn’t examine them but I’m sure if she was shot I would have noticed blood coming from her hands.

‘The only wounds I noticed were the bullet wounds in her neck and two or three stab wounds on her back from a knife with a blade half-an-inch long.

‘Her clothes were intact. There was no sign that there had been an attempted sexual attack or fighting. Her clothes were neat like when you lay a baby down and pull her clothes nicely. There was no evidence of a struggle.

‘She looked like someone who had maybe passed out after drinking or had been sedated. It looked as if someone in the passenger seat had leant over and shot her in the neck. I got the definite impression that she was executed.’

Engineering graduate Anni was found dead hours after the honeymoon couple’s taxi was held up by two
men in the Gugulethu township near Cape Town.

The driver of the car, Zola Tongo, 31, was one of three men arrested. He later made a plea bargain with pros¬ecutors, claiming in court he had arranged for the gunmen to stage a hijacking after Mr Dewani offered him £1,400 to murder his wife.

Tongo was jailed for 18 years for his part in the crime.

Mr Dewani, from Westbury-on-Trym near Bristol, handed himself in to police and was later released on £250,000 bail. He will appear in court in January to fight extradition to South Africa. He has repeatedly denied any part in his wife’s death.

Two other men, Xolile Mngeni, 23, and Mzwamadoda Qwabe, 26, have also been charged over the tragedy and will stand trial in February.

Happy couple: Shrien and Anni Dewani pose for the camera shortly before Anni's murder

Happy couple: Shrien and Anni Dewani pose for the camera shortly before Anni's murder
The medic who attended the crime scene went on to claim that the nature of the hijacking was extremely unusual for the notorious South African township of Khayelitsha, where Mngeni and Qwabe come from.

He claimed: ‘In Khayelitsha they would have definitely raped her. And they [the police] would never have found her. She was lying in an open area where she was easy to find.

‘They would have got rid of the body and killed the husband and not let him go to be a witness. That’s my experience in ten years working in this area. And the vehicle would have been burnt out to destroy any evidence.’

A source close to the Dewani family said the original paramedic’s report was not consistent with the post-mortem report. However, he would not comment on the ballistics report.

‘It was like someone leant over and shot her’

Read more:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shrien Dewani: What is he hiding ?

It would appear that contact had already been made with Heather , widow of Dr.Pox and also according to Preyen a PI had been contacted before Annis body was even found within hours of the tragedy.

It looks like Heather maybe contacted the PI and is now  in England until the middle of January keeping well out of the way, although she claims the trip had already been planned. Heather, would have telephoned Christian Botha and asked for a recommendation, it would have looked very fishy if Christian was also hired by the Dewanis,  had we a crystal ball and known Tongas ' shock horror' explosive news that he was hired by Shrien.  Dave Miller I would imagine ,does know PI Christian Botha. If this is the scenaria why would Heather want a PI so soon on the case , when Anni had yet to be found. Mrs. Raghavjees ' doth protest' too much, me thinks, her only concern seems to be about money and the relation of it with the Dewanis. Follow the money and we may find out why the Dewanis and Raghavjees are all hiding out in Bristol and why they need  the 'mouthpiece' Max Clifford  to prevent the truth from becoming public knowledge.

 So it seems Heather may have lied and knew about Anni before she was even found and the lie being her daughter in law called her from England with this information, or was it Preyen????Either way it would seem if Shrien referred to Heather as 'family' both families must be a lot closer than they would like anyone to believe and Heather knew of this 'carjacking  a lot sooner than she has said..

Shrien may have mentioned in passing about the 'carjacking' and murder of Dr.Pox to Tongo while in the car with Anni as part of a conversation, nothing more..... which is why Tongo mentioned a previous ' carjacking' by Dewani in his plea bargaining...BUT something is being hidden here and it could well be 'KARMA' and the discovery of who really killed Dr.Pox. Shrien may well be a victim caught up in something much more sinister, it could well be a situation where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. BUT Shrien is lying , question is why?

DEWANI: Guardian report Sunday 14th Nov. Understood Shrien had family members in South Africa?

 Gugulethu township 
Body found in stolen car believed shot...
Gugulethu township near Cape Town, where the carjackers struck. Photograph: Karin Colsen/AP
Police in  SOUTH AFRICA began a murder hunt tonight after a  HONEYMOON couple from the UK were attacked in a carjacking incident. The couple had apparently been returning from dinner at 11pm yesterday when two armed men stopped their shuttle-service car, forced the driver out and abducted them.

An hour later, the 31-year-old husband, a British national, was left unharmed in a township, but the men sped off with his 28-year-old wife – a foreign national living in the UK. Her body was later found on the back seat of the hijacked Volkswagen Sharan in another part of the township. There were unconfirmed reports that she had been shot.

The couple, who were married two weeks ago, were believed to have arrived in South Africa on Thursday. They have not been named.

Cape Town is South Africa's leading tourist destination, with its attractions including Table Mountain, Robben Island, beaches and nearby winelands.

Police said the carjackers stopped the vehicle in the Gugulethu township and the man had been left in the Harare area of another township, the vast Khayelitsha.

"After seeking the assistance of a passing motorist, [the husband] was taken to Harare police station unharmed," a spokesman said. "An extensive search for the vehicle and the female victim resulted in the discovery of the hijacked vehicle in Lingelethu West, with the female victim's body on the back seat. An autopsy will later reveal the exact cause of her death."

Officials expressed horror at the killing. Tammy Evans, a spokeswoman for the Western Cape provincial government, said: "The tourism safety and support team have been at the scene since 7.20 [yesterday] morning. We arranged counselling and accommodation for the husband. We are obviously devastated by the tragedy. We have had no incidents from the World Cup up until now."

Alan Winde, the Western Cape tourism minister, said he believed the couple had been on a tour of the vineyards and had decided to drive through Gugulethu to "look at some of the nightlife". He understood the husband has family members in South Africa, who were coming to join him. "It's a huge shock," he added.

Gary Benham, a spokesman for the British high commission in Pretoria, said: "We are aware of the situation, and our staff in Cape Town are offering consular assistance. At this moment, all we know is what the police have told us. We will not be revealing names and addresses."

South Africa  has one of the highest crime rates in the world, with an average of 46 murders a day. The majority take place in townships, and tourists are rarely the victims.

A huge increase in security for this summer's World Cup helped ensure there were few serious incidents.

Last year, there were 13,902 carjackings in  South Africa down from 14,915 in 2008-09. The annual murder rate fell by 8.6% to dip below 17,000 for the first time since nationwide records began in 1995-96.

• This article was amended on 17 November 2010. Due to an editing error, the original referred to Khayelitsha as a Harare township. This has been corrected.

COMMENT: It would appear that contact had already been made with Heather , widow of Dr.Pox and also according to Preyen a PI had been contacted before Annis body was even found.

 It looks like Heather maybe contacted the PI and is now  in England until the middle of January keeping well out of the way, although she claims the trip had already been planned.

So it seems Heather may have lied and knew about Anni before she was even found and the lie being her daughter in law called her from England with this information, or was it Preyen????

Either way it would seem if Shrien referred to Heather as 'family' both families must be a lot closer than they would like anyone to believe and Heather knew of this 'carjacking  a lot sooner than she has said..

 Shrien may have mentioned in passing about the 'carjacking' and murder of Dr.Pox to Tongo while in the car with Anni as part of a conversation, nothing more..... which is why Tongo mentioned a previous ' carjacking' by Dewani in his plea bargaining...BUT something is being hidden here and it could well be 'KARMA' and the discovery of who really killed Dr.Pox. Shrien may well be a victim caught up in something much more sinister, it could well be a situation where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. BUT Shrien is lying , question is why?

DEWANI: Preyen Dewanis version of events 16th November

Husband of murdered honeymooner begged robbers to spare wife


Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

The husband of murdered bride Anni Dewanibegged robbers to take his wedding ring to spare his wife – moments before she was shot dead, his brother revealed today.Husband of murdered honeymooner begged robbers to spare wife
Multi-millionaire Shrien Dewani 30, offered the car-jackers everything the newlyweds had – including their engagement and wedding rings, jewellery, cash and mobile phones during the incident in Cape Town, South Africa.

He then bravely struggled with the gun-toting robbers before they thrust him out of their people carrier and drove off.

The car was later found abandoned with beautiful bride, Anni Dewani, 28, dead on the back seat – she had been shot three times from point blank range.

Shrien’s brother Preyen Dewani tragically revealed the couple had decided to go to South Africa because the name combined their two initials – ”S” and ”A”.

He said the couple had been in a chauffeur-driven Volkswagen Sharan on the main road back to Cape Town on Saturday (13/11) when the attack happened.

“Two men brandishing shotguns jumped into the car”

They had just enjoyed an evening meal in Somerset West, an upmarket suburb in the wine regions, 50km east of the city.

Preyen, 32, said: ”They were on their way back to their hotel at about 10pm when a car in front of them forced them to slow down and stop.

”Two men brandishing shotguns jumped into the car and forced the driver to drive off at speed.

”After about ten minutes they threw the driver out, and after driving on they threatened the two of them and said they were going to split them up.

”Shrien offered them everything they had, their wedding and engagement rings, their watches, cash and mobile phones.

”The robbers took these items and then told Shrien to leave the vehicle.

”He refused, and after a struggle they pushed him out of the vehicle as it was driving along, and threatened to shoot Anni if he did not leave.”

After being thrown out of the car in Harare, an area of the Khayelitsha township, Mr dewani flagged down a passing motorist and called the police.

“There were no signs of a struggle”

A search failed to find the car, so local police scrambled a force helicopter and brought in every available officer to help find Anni.

The first the family heard was when a frantic Mr Dewani phoned from his Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town, to explain what had happened.

They were updated throughout the night, but at 7am on Sunday police found Anni’s body in the rear of the car, which had been dumped in nearby town Lingelethu West.

Preyen said: ”The first officer on the scene contacted me and informed me that Anni had been shot three times at point blank range. ???????????There were no signs of a struggle or any other interference.”

Preyen who with Mr Dewani  is a director of care home company PSP Healthcare, said his brother was a resilient man who was turning to his faith to help him with his grief.

Paying tribute to Anni, he said: ”She was incredibly beautiful, a smiling, bubbly personality who was excited and keen to embark on life as Mrs Dewani .

”Life was about to start for them. They were excited and it was the time of their lives, like any young couple going on honeymoon.”

Mr Dewani,  a former pupil of Bristol Grammar School, and Anni, who was Swedish and worked for mobile phone company Ericsson, had been together for about a year.

After their Mumbai wedding they had flown back to their home in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali with their family.

They left for South Africa on Tuesday (9/11) and were four days into their honeymoon when tragedy struck.
Husband of murdered honeymooner begged robbers to spare wife
Mr Dewani who is being helped in South Africa by his father, Prakash, and Anni’s father, Vinod Hindocha, is expected to return to Bristol in the next few days.

A post mortem examination was completed on Monday (15/11) and Anni’s body will be flown back to the UK for a funeral and memorial service later this week.

It had been widely reported that the couple had taken a diversion to visit the nightlife of the local townships, which are generally considered no-go areas for tourists.

”An outstanding young man”

But Preyen refuted the rumours, and said they had merely been driving along the main road when they were stopped.

Preyen added that his brother had so far been coping with his grief.

He said: ”He is very resilient and has tremendous strength of character. He has always been strong, with a firm belief in the Hindu faith.

”He was the general secretary of the National Hindu Students Forum and after university continued to assist the younger generation in maintaining their culture and religion.

”This now serves to help him in his own hour of grief.”

More than 200 friends and family and members of Bristol’s Hindu community have now visited Mr Dewani’s home to pay their respects to Anni – singing prayers and hymns.

A shrine has also been set up in her honour.

A former teacher at Bristol Grammar School yesterday (Tues) described Mr Dewani as ”an outstanding young man, immensely talented, very diplomatic and a natural leader”.

He studied for a degree in economics and finance at Manchester, before working as a chartered accountant for the consultancy firm Deloitte in London.

Five years ago he and Preyen  joined forces to expand the family business, now owning a £15-million empire of award-winning nursing and care homes.

He employs almost 500 people and cares for a similar number of elderly people and those with dementia.

Police in South Africa are still hunting for Anni’s killers, and ministers in the country are appealing for people to come forward with information.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ”We are aware of the situation and are providing consular assistance to a British national who is involved, and their family.”

Preyen  thanked the South African police, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their help in the investigation and asked the family now be given time to grieve.

He added: ”We now humbly request that we be given some time and privacy to come to terms with this tragedy without further intrusion.”

Comment : Preyen tells the story so well and at no time does he mention during these frantic phone calls he tried to contact a PI named Dave Miller.