Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DEWANI: Questions that need answers

Western Cape police on Saturday are confirming that the investigation into the honeymoon murder and hijacking of Anni Dewani and her husband Shrien in Gugulethu is ongoing.

Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk however refused to comment on newspaper reports that the murder may have been a planned hit or The Sun newspapers report that Shrien Dewani, who owned a British healthcare company with his father and brother, was £6.25 million in debt.

The Weekend Argus on Saturday has however claimed that the police were looking for two more people believed to work for two top Cape Town hotels and that
"an explosive revelation" would soon be made about the tourist murder.

Compelling Questions

If the Dewani's were hijacked why was Anni's body found with the car the next morning?
The point of a hijacking is to take the car. The fact that Anni apparently remained with the car throughout rejects hijacking as a possibility. Even if the only motive was robbery, using the car as a getaway vehicle, they would have released her - more likely the couple - in the middle of nowhere before dumping the car.
Why was Shrien released before Anni?

It has been established that this was not a rape case. That makes his earlier release even more perplexing. If they wanted to rob the couple and make off they would have dumped the pair in the middle of nowhere. If rape was the issue then dumping or even killing the husband is logical. But if it is to keep a hostage that would be insane. They are allowing a witness to raise the alarm and keeping a hostage that - at best - can buy them a bit of time when the police corner them. Releasing him before her in the way it was done is totally illogical.
Why kill Anni?
If they have witnesses, in Shrien and the driver, and rape was never part of the crime why would they ever kill Anni? They have already allowed 2 witnesses out who can identify them and raise the alarm. In addition even the dumbest criminal knows that murder carries the highest penalties so unless they have a compelling reason to kill her why would they do it?

Why did Shrien raise the alarm?
According to the reports the murderers released Shrien who flagged down a passing car who took him to the police station to raise the alarm. The driver had about an hour's head start on him why hadn't he raised the alarm immediately? In addition why would they ever allow the driver out of the car to go and call the police right at the start of the criminal activity. It's insane. Motive and Method
What is most strange about the whole affair is the manner in which it was carried out. While criminals may be thought of as morons in books and movies there is normally method in their madness as every policeman knows.

If we are dealing with either a robbery or hijacking this is how it - incredibly - happened.
They corner the car and order the 1st witness - the driver - out so that he can go and call the police.

They drive around and then allow the second witness out to identify them.

Without any intention of committing rape, using her as a hostage or taking the car they murder Anni and leave the car where it can be found by the police.
Why didn't they just turn themselves in and spare the police the bother?

If robbery and hijacking were not the real motive that leaves murder.

If that is so then why would you ever let two witnesses out of the vehicle? In this case 3 dead makes far more sense than 1.