Friday, May 6, 2011

Christine Nuttall ?

christine.nuttall - December 08, 2010 at 13:33
Can't believe this! I lived in SA for 28 years and trust me if the people there can lie about something to get there jail sentence lowered or to get away with it they will do.This is appalling.carjackings and murders are a daily occurrence over there and it is not a safe country anymore.The guy is innocent!!!

Anni Dewani - What Really Happened ‎"Wayne Shermon" the constituent who wrote is a PSP Healthcare director. I will find out about "Christine Nuttall"
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  • Anni Dewani - What Really Happened Adrienne, the issue now becomes why is an MP writing letters on behalf of PSP Healthcare Ltd officers when that company's owners are hidden in Guernsey trusts and it is not known if they pay tax in the UK.

    For a seasoned politician, Dr Fox has naively opened a can of worms for himself by writing a letter on behalf of Dewani, without checking the credibility and background of that family.

  • Anni Dewani - What Really Happened More letters and emails have been sent by the Admins. Lets see what HMRC and Dr Fox's office have to say now about PSP Healthcare's ownership, Guernsey offshore trust structure and UK tax liability.