Thursday, August 11, 2011

Preyen #Dewani :It is alleged that Preyen asked for potentially incriminating CCTV footage from the hotel.

The alleged request for the footage was rejected because the manager had been summoned by prosecutors as a possible witness. The claim is made in a police dossier obtained by The Mail on Sunday and forms part of an application by South African authorities to have Shrien extradited from the UK to stand trial.

In the dossier, police captain Paul Hendrikse says Preyen asked for the footage soon after Shrien returned to Britain following Anni’s death. ‘I am concerned there may have been an attempt to interfere with the investigation,’ the officer says.
Preyen, 32, is a director of the Bristol-based care-home company run by Shrien.

According to the police dossier, the footage shows Shrien staying in the cab that drove him and Anni from the airport the day before the killing and talking to Tongo for four minutes while Anni, 28, booked into the hotel.

Captain Hendrikse says mobile-phone records prove the two men had another conversation that night. Shrien’s lawyers insist he is innocent and that Tongo tried to incriminate him to get a reduced sentence.