Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shrien #Dewani who it is claimed was impotent will face murder charges in South Africa.

London, August 8: According to Rani Kansagra, former fiancée of Brit-Indian murder suspect Shrien Dewani, Shrien was impotent and could not have sex.

It has been alleged that Dewani, who is accused of giving shape to the murder of his wife, Anni Dewani, broke off his engagement with Rani after he told her about his sexual problems, according to media reports.

The police is also probing whether Shrien was a gay or not, as an escort named The German Master informed the police that Shrien was his client. However, Shrien has denied the allegation and said he has never met the male prostitute from Munich.

The escort allegedly told Scotland Yard that Shrien paid him over 1,100 pounds for three sexual encounters between September 2009 and April 2010.

On the other hand, 26-year-old Rani, who met Dewani at a party in August 2008, has told South African police that he called off their engagement, but refused to comment about her relationship with Dewani.

Anni was shot dead after gunmen hijacked the couple”s taxi while the couple were on their honeymoon in South Africa in November last year.