Sunday, February 6, 2011

DEWANI / BAMBER...changing their stories....NONE of these incidents or comments are now mentioned in Bambers new appeal from his campaigners..or from the media.

Sunday, February 6, 2011Jeremy Bamber claims a James Bond 'SPOOK' murdered his not his sister ??????

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New evidence of a spy-ring style conspiracy could help spring convicted killer Jeremy Bamber from jail

Sightings of a mystery man and claims of foreign involvement are just a few of the unanswered questions surrounding the case.

Bamber, 44, has always denied he carried out the shootings in 1985 to collect a £500,000 inheritance.

But now his legal team have uncovered fresh evidence the police did not produce at the trial in 1986.

According to never seen before police records a call was received about a man who had information about the Bamber murders.

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The documents reveal police considered making enquiries in Belgium to find a man called Dirrk Van Hussel.

One note reads: "Anonymous call received on general switchboard from a caller female in her 30's. Regarding murder in Kent a man who works in Dent, Belgium and owns a record shop. He knows about the murder. His name is Dirrk Van Hussel."

DCI Barnham believes the caller was referring to the Bamber murders. Suggest enquiries in Belgium. The mystery figure, who was said to have evidence about the Bamber killings was never contacted.

Bamber's legal team have also discovered proof of a mystery silhouetted figure at the Bamber's farmhouse in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex.

His lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano said: "At 4am on the day of the killings PC Myall and PS Bews reported a sighting at the bedroom window of the farmhouse of a silhouetted figure. This could not have been Bamber because he was in custody from 3am on the day of the murders.

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And a report by a Daily Express journalist Sengupta obtained from a police briefing told of a hunched up scruffy-looking man seen walking away from the rear of the house an hour after the police arrived.

Lastly an intruder alarm at the farmhouse was triggered inside the house at 5am hours after the killings are supposed to have happened.

The police were unable to ascertain how anyone could get in or out of the house as all the doors and windows were locked."

In September Bamber claimed a James Bond-style 'spook' murdered five members of his family after security sources contacted his legal team with fresh 'evidence'.

 They said Bamber's adoptive father, former British Intelligence Officer Neville Bamber, and four colleagues were all murdered in amazingly similar circumstances.

Each served with Neville in Egypt and Palestine after World War Two and each case is still unsolved.

Bamber's team are currently preparing an appeal arguing the five cases are linked in a 'campaign of murder against former British intelligence officers'.

And the fresh evidence involving the sightings of a mystery man at the Bamber farmhouse and the involvement of the shadowy Van Hussel figure add weight to Bamber's claims of a conspiracy.

Bamber was convicted in 1986 of murdering Neville and his adoptive mother June, both 61, his sister Sheila Caffell, 27, and her twin six-year-old sons Nicholas and Daniel at the family's farmhouse in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex.

He was jailed for life.

He has already lost two appeals, in 1987 and 2002, but his legal team are confident it will be third time lucky.

Di Stefano added: "The Criminal Cases Review Commission is now being pressured from all sides to come to a decision. We have more than enough evidence to bring this case back to court. This man has served 7,384 days of wrongful imprisonment today (16.12.2005). They should not procrastinate any longer."