Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dewani: Barcroft media ..following this forum it seems the deal is a 50/50 split...so yes Anni Dewani has become a business transaction..


 The contract is for a 50/50 split of any sales, although I don't have an answer back yet on "who retains the image rights" or "what the average sale is".


When Anni returned to England, the Dewani family had a Hindu ceremony which lasted three days, the images from this have yet to be released, there must also be video footage. This may all be in reserve for when the extradition and trial take place to be used by Clifford to gain sympathy for Shrien.

I am surprised the family have not started a 'Fighting Campaign' the way the McCanns did to pay for their sons defence, why should they pay when the gullible public may put their hands in their pockets? Max Clifford may suggest this at a later date...The widow of Dr.Pox, Heather, has she returned to SA or is she still hiding out in Bristol I wonder?