Friday, February 25, 2011

Shrien Dewani is he a con artist ?

The wedding it appears was paid through the company. Annis father handed the cash straight to Shrien.

There was a request from a family member to refund Annis flight.

Dewani claimed he was a travel agent to claim a large discount at their honeymoon hotel.

And now a fund created in the memory of Anni has been closed ....
Wedding booked as a convention...

Vinod Hindocha paid for 2 days of the 3 day wedding in Mumbai. He has stated that Shriem Dewani made all the plans, arrangement and simply told him what his share was. He paid two third of £200 000 Dewani claimed he spent. We now know that Shrien not only negotiated a discount for the hotel but also wrote off the wedding to their company PSP as a conference. In effectt he accounting maneuver will see him get back a lot of Vinod Hindocha's money .

Giving what we now know about Shriens ‘money management ‘ skills it is easy to see Vinod Hindocha might have paid for the entire wedding plus more alone. Dewanis stood to make a profit from the venture one way or the other. The result of an audit of the wedding expenditure should be interesting. Dewanis took Hindochas for a ride and then....... This is sickening.
Wedding booked as a 'convention'