Friday, September 30, 2011

#Dewani : Playing up his 'illness' to avoid Extradition !


(taken from Judge Riddle's Judgment)

Professor Eastman says this (page 21):
"In my opinion, Mr Dewani's mental disabilities call into serious question
whether he would be "fit to plead" in terms of the Prichard or Davies tests. "

In his report dated 11 July 2011 Professor Kopelman states, at paragraph 7:
"Hence, in my view, he is not currently fit to plead, but this is likely to change when Mr Dewani's clinical state has substantially improved."

Dr Cantrell said, in his report of 14 July, paragraph 6:
"Although fitness to plead as understood in the Prichard criteria may not come directly within the legal framework with which the court is dealing in this set of circumstances, it is my opinion that Mr Dewani is currently not fit to plead according to those criteria. "

BUT Judge Riddle ruled:
"Nevertheless it remains a question for the court, and not the experts. The experts and the parties explicitly recognize this."