Friday, September 30, 2011

#Dewani. Preyen Dewani , Whom I Believe IS The Mastermind Behind This Plot. Will He Let His Little Brother Take ALL The Heat ?

It is my belief Shrien did not work alone, his brother Preyen , 1 ) told of the killing of Anni  as though it was his own story , a fatal and stupid move  2 ) it would appear the plan was to shoot Anni three times to ensure her death ,when the first shot killed her why to shoot her again ? Preyen did not check with his contact in SA, once he knew the hit had been made he presumed 'the three bullets' story still stood and told reporters the police had informed him Anni had been shot three times...again a very stupid would be upto forensic to explain how , why and when Anni died , not a cop from the street ringing England to tell Preyen Dewani the news of how many times Anni had been shot, how could he possibly know ?  ! Anni as we now know was shot ONLY once !

Preyen , has never , to my knowledge been questioned and asked to explain where he heard the' three shot story' and more importantly who was the officer who told him this , has he been named, questioned and if so does he confirm Preyen Dewanis version?

I hope Preyen will be seriously questioned by SA police officers before he lets his little brother take ALL the heat.

Questions for PREYEN: Why, when you must have been frozen in time with the shocking news have the foresight to search for a Private Investigator BEFORE Anni had even been found, why would you even think , a PI would be needed.?

Why, when asked , did Shrien say he had to ring London to ask the family for the Registration number of the TAXI? Did you Preyen Dewani arrange for the TAXI from London ?

Did you Preyen Dewani think up the idea of a hi-jacking because the same thing had happened to a very dear friend of the family, one Dr.Pox ?
Looking closer at the Mastermnd Preyen Dewani
PREYEN returned for CCTV footage.
PREYEN Dewani a person of interest ,if not he should be ?
ONLY PREYEN Dewani claimed Anni was shot three times ?
PREYEN Dewani called PI BEFORE Annis body was found

PREYEN Dewani the mouthpiece

PREYEN Dewani shifts the blame to SA

PREYEN Dewani to be interviewed by police.