Friday, September 30, 2011

#DEWANI : #PSP Group Accounts Annual Files Are Due !

The Dewani's dont mind spending hundreds of thousands on lawyers because their PSP Healthcare money was easy come and webbed up in dubious offshore Guernsey trusts whose owners cannot be identified.

Prakash was previously running a chemist shop and his 2 sons were working as employees of other companies. This family have made their money only in recent years in a short timescale by getting into ...
the care home business. At the same time Preyen Dewani has bragged about running a succesful business 'buying distressed assets' (property of people who cant afford to pay their bills, eg. huge care home bills. More and more people are asking why they are operating through Guernsey trusts and not paying UK taxes.

31 days from now, PSP Healthcare and PSP Group has to file its annual accounts. Lets see what changes in the balance sheet, staff numbers, assets and debts have occurred in the last year.


 Interesting. The McCanns fund could with ease shift it's focus and become a charity and raise far more for their cause and missing children by charitable status. However the fund does not want that kind of scrutiny! Only 13.3% of money rais ...ed from the last available figures was spent on the search. When the South African courts hand out justice one day I ask all here to remember a much bigger PR campaign to sway public opinion. Justice for Anni.