Friday, March 30, 2012

#Dewani - Tongo And An Excluded Wife !

A very well thought out post from the comments section in the Daily Mail , think about it.


There was simply too much toing and froing between Dewani and Tongo during those few days. Most of the time Anni wasn't part of this. What could they have been discussing? Sightseeing, I would imagine. Whatever it was, why would the wife always be excluded? Then which taxi driver, bearing in mind he wasn't even one of the official ones, would now come back for the balance of his fare, when a lady now missing/possibly murdered, was last reported to have been in his vehicle? In his documentary, Jeremy Vine made an issue of trying to point out whether Dewani looked like a guilty husband. How does a guilty person look? Many newlyweds in Dewani's shoes would have been legless with grief and confusion; paying the balance for a ride that supposedly terrified him and resulted in his new wife being missing or worse, would be the last thing on his mind. Even on principle, he shouldn't have paid. It just doesn't smell right. I just pity Anni's family.

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