Friday, March 30, 2012

#Dewani: Damning TEXT Messages!

Start video at 12.47 for transcript on text messages, you will then understand why the Dewani's will continue the 'mental health' act, they know the text messages cannot be explained away. In evidence the police not only have footage of Tongo and Dewani exchanging cash they also have text messages far more damning, hit money discussed and where Dewani had left it for Anni's killers.


Although he's unclear on the detail Tongo said he sent a text message to Shrien Dewani during the journey reminding him about the money . He said that Mr.Dewani replied by Text saying the cash was in an envelope in a pouch behind the front passenger seat. Inside Out understands there ARE records of those text messages held by BOTH S.A. authorities and the Dewani family BUT the Dewanis' INSIST they can be explained should the case ever come to trial.