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#Dewani : Chilling Footage Of Dewani Paying A Hit Man ?

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Text Source: Daily Mail

Caught on film: Was this the moment Shrien Dewani 'handed over a bag full of cash to arrange his wife's murder'? Previously unseen CCTV images show millionaire meeting the man jailed for organising bride's murder Footage was recorded three days after Anni was shot dead in South Africa It shows Dewani taking a white plastic bag into a room and, after a brief meeting, Zola Tongo departs carrying the same bag.

This is the moment honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani is alleged to have handed a bag of cash to his taxi driver in return for orchestrating the killing of his wife Anni.

The previously unseen CCTV footage shows millionaire Dewani meeting Zola Tongo -- who has been jailed for 18 years for organising the murder. It was recorded three days after Dewani's bride was shot dead in South Africa.

The footage, taken from the five-star Cape Town hotel where the honeymoon couple were staying, shows the two men entering the internet room. Dewani arrives carrying a white plastic bag and, after a brief meeting, Tongo departs carrying the same bag at his side.

Tongo claims the bag contained 1,000 South African rand (about £82) in cash which was his payment for arranging the murder. But Dewani claims he owed the driver the money for his services as a tour guide.

The security camera footage from the Cape Grace Hotel has been obtained by the BBC's Panorama team as part of a programme investigating the murder.

The footage also shows Anni, 28, and Dewani, now 32, kissing and embracing in an apparent display of affection just three hours before Anni was in the hands of her killers.

This contrasts with separate CCTV footage, previously obtained by this newspaper, showing Dewani and Anni walking yards apart that same night.

Suggestions of distance between the newlyweds were bolstered by claims from Anni's best friend and cousin, who said the bride had tried to call off the wedding after throwing her engagement ring at Dewani during one of their numerous arguments.

Dewani is accused of paying two hitmen £1,400 to kill his wife. He denies the accusations.

Last year Home Secretary Theresa May rubber-stamped his extradition order after a campaign by Anni's bereaved family, who demanded Dewani stand trial. He has appealed against the decision to the High Court.

In the footage, Dewani is shown talking to Anni's father, Vinod Hindocha, after they had been to see Anni's body at a morgue. Cameras show Tongo, in a white cap, shirt and shorts, walking through the hotel's front entrance empty-handed.

Dewani then walks towards the internet room carrying the plastic bag, closely followed by the driver. Tongo emerges again, after one minute, with a bag-shaped object bulging under his shirt.

He then enters the toilets before leaving the hotel openly carrying the bag. Panorama claims a mystery couple were in the internet room with them who would have witnessed the handover.

The footage also tracks Anni and Dewani's movements on the evening of November 13, 2010 -- hours before Anni's disappearance.

She presses her body up against Dewani as they kiss tenderly in the lobby. Briefly, she pulls away as he takes her picture on his phone before she is back into his arms in an embrace.

Earlier, in the hotel bar, Dewani zips up a loose fastening on his bride's dress, after which she reaches across and strokes his thigh. Dewani then puts his arms around Anni, pulling her in, and they kiss again.

The footage contrasts with CCTV showing the couple at the Surfside restaurant in Strand, a resort 30 miles south-east of Cape Town, which Tongo drove them to.




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