Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dewani 2004, still very vocal...

Addressing PIOs at Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Minister of Disinvestment and Communications and IT Arun Shourie assured them that India would have a world-class working environment in the coming years which would make it more comfortable for the Diaspora to invest in India.

Speaking on Diaspora Youth and India: Blueprint for Engagement, Shourie urged people of Indian origin to promote the country socially, culturally and economically. Highlighting the fact that about 35 per cent of the senior research staff in Microsoft, USA, are of Indian origin, Shourie said the Diaspora has displayed the intelligence, skills and attitude that has changed the world's perception about India.

The minister said there is a need to connect the world to India through more trade and ties just as there is the need to "beam" India to the world. "Build India's strong image; strengthen India's campaign for a permanent seat at UNSC. Your efforts and achievements should convince other countries to enter into gainful partnerships with India," Shourie said.

In his message to the Diaspora, he said there is a constant need for Indians abroad to continue to excel in their host countries as their excellence abroad was a matter of pride for India. He also urged the Diaspora youth to carry the Indian culture forward, keep it alive and spread it in meaningful ways.

Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia said: "The Government of India must provide the Diaspora youth with gainful employment opportunities."

He said: "The Indian Council of Cultural Research needs to augment their efforts by starting more cultural courses. We also need to disseminate education by taking our IIT and IIM abroad."

"Government must invite FDI in health services and private sector and engage the youth in the health sector, which currently poses good number of opportunities."

A British-Indian student in UK, Shrien Dewani said that among the ethnic minorities in UK, Indians are the highest achievers. But being a student, he said, he feels there is a need to keep the communication channels open. He urged Indian Government to make policies that are beneficial to both -- Indians in India and abroad.