Monday, March 7, 2011

SPAINS DEWANI: here is a clearer report, the family are gypsies and gypsies are known to take care of their own , a motive very clear if the husband is involved. There will not be PR gurus or hot shot lawyers in this case, the family are poor.

They believe he's taken revenge for an affair she had while he was in prison
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The family of the Málaga woman who was killed by robbers while on holiday in Colombia this week have accused her husband of hiring a hit man to kill his wife.

The husband emigrated to Spain in 2001, but is originally from Barranquilla, where his wife was killed on Wednesday. The couple and their children were in the city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia for Baranquilla’s carnival celebrations, which take place there this week.

32 year old Irene Cortés, who lived in Vélez Málaga and ran a bar in Torre del Mar, was shot in the chest when she and her husband were held up by a group of armed men in a local bar. She died shortly after she was admitted to hospital.

Her brother and uncle told the EFE news agency this Thursday that Irene’s husband swore vengeance on her after she had an affair with another man while he was in prison, and claim he used the excuse of visiting his sick father and visiting the carnival as a pretext to get her to Colombia.
The victim’s uncle, Pedro Lucas, believes the husband, who he said is currently out on parole, used 2,000 € he took from his niece the night before they set off on their trip to pay the hit man and to buy a false passport.

The family say they heard the news of Irene’s death through a phone call the husband made to her 14 year old son, saying his mother had had an ‘accident’.
They have been unable to contact the husband by phone since then, they said.It’s understood that Spain’s Foreign Ministry has said it could take up to 10 days to bring the victim’s body back home to Spain for burial.
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The husband said he did not want to go to Colombia but his wife Irene, wanted to see the where have I heard that before? The family tell a different story and that it was YINAS who claimed his sick father was the reason they went to Colombia.