Monday, March 7, 2011

If you have something to hide..Call Max ,which is just what DEWANI did...old article but well worth another read. Rumours all over the Internet Dewani is gay, Max tried to dampen the fire by introducing a work colleague, Michelle Jones,who swore she and Shrien were just good offence to the lady in question but I believe her, she is a very plain Jane and the best Clifford could come up with at such short notice. Clifford knew the gay story was about to break so he involved Dewanis good friend Michelle to cover for him, after all Michelle did not lie...she and DEWANI were only ever good friends and it muddied the water somewhat with the breaking story that DEWANI was gay...

A MANAGER at Shrien Dewani's family firm yesterday denied she had an affair with the honeymoon murder suspect. Mum-of-two Michelle Jones, 39, hit back at rumours and declared: "I have never had a relationship with Shrien other than a friendship."

In a statement, her lawyer
Charlotte Harris (born April 29, 1931) is an American musician who plays the cello and was a member of the Lawrence Welk orchestra Life.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois; Harris first took up the cello at age five, she first played as part of a jazz combo throughout her added: "The only relationship Shrien and Michelle have ever had is a professional relationship. "Any suggestion that there has been any other relationship is unsubstantiated gossip designed to smear Shrien's name." Miss Jones worked for the care home firm two years before Mr Dewani bought it in 2005. At the time she was an administrator in the Ilfracombe branch, Devon.

German claims he’s Dewani’s ‘rent boy’

THIS is the gay escort who claims honeymoon murder husband Shrien Dewani paid him for kinky sex.

The burly shaven-headed man, posing in leather gear and puffing a cigar, calls himself The German Master.

Husband ... Shrien Dewani is on bail
Husband ... Shrien Dewani is on bail

He called cops alleging he recognised millionaire care home tycoon Dewani, 30, as a client when he saw him on TV news.
Dewani is suspected of arranging the killing of his stunning wife Anni, 28, in a staged carjacking in South Africa.
He refutes the allegations - and also strenuously denies ever meeting the 16½-stone male prostitute from Munich.

Shot dead ... bride Anni Dewani
Shot dead ... bride Anni Dewani

The escort alleged to Scotland Yard detectives that Dewani paid him a total of more than £1,100 for three sex sessions between September last year and April.
A dossier of his claims compiled by the Yard's Specialist Crime Directorate will be passed to South African cops probing the murder.

British police were cross-checking information supplied by the man yesterday.
Officers will look for any evidence of contact between him and Dewani.

The male prostitute claims he met the businessman twice in the Midlands and once in West London.

The ex-soldier moved to the UK in 2007 and says he has more than 15 years' experience on the gay scene.

He calls himself The German Master as part of his "specialist" services.

Quantcast Dewani - who insists he is not gay - says he and his wife of two weeks were blissfully happy after their wedding.
They were honeymooning in Cape Town last month when two armed men ambushed their taxi.

Dewani and driver Zola Tongo were dumped unharmed before the raiders sped off with Anni.
The Swedish-born beauty was found next day, shot dead through the neck.
Dewani, of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, was arrested last week on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.
He was at home wearing an electronic tag yesterday.
The businessman is on £250,000 bail as moves continue to extradite him to South Africa.
His lawyers claimed he has witnesses to corroborate that meetings with the escort never took place.
Anni's grieving father Vinod Hindocha has made his first direct appeal to his son-in-law to clear his name in court.
Mr Hindocha, 61, of Mariestad, Sweden, urged him: "Go to South Africa. Let the world know what happened.
"If he says proudly that he did not do it, then just go back."
Tongo, 31, admitted plotting Anni's murder and accused Dewani of asking him to set up the fake carjack "hit" for £1,400.
His sentence was cut to 18 years after a plea-bargain deal in which he agreed to give evidence against Dewani.