Sunday, March 20, 2011

DEWANI QUOTE: The chosen charities this year are Sewa International and Imperical Cancer Research. In conjunction with Sewa International National Hindu Students Forum (UK) have raised money to help needy causes such as the Gujarat Earthquake Appeal. The ?60,000 raised in 2001 has been used to build 5 schools in the state of Gujarat ? these schools have been visited by NHSF members and therefore we are happy that funds have not been used for any other purpose than that for which they were raised. We are not extreme and refute any allegations ? direct or indirect ? that infer that we are. Awaaz, through its report, is attempting to create disharmony in the UK community and should not be given the credence to do so. End of quote.

For instance, the RSS does not have FCRA clearance and cannot directly accept foreign donations, so has created service wings like the Sewa International and Sewa Bharati which have FCRA clearance. The RSS’s fundraising fronts abroad — IDRF, SewaUSA, VHP of America, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Sewa International UK, Hindu Forum of Britain etc. — divert funds to the RSS through Sewa Bharati and Sewa International. Given the Sangh Parivar’s access to state power and propensity to violence, its brand of fundamentalism poses the biggest danger to a pluralistic India, but the role of Christian fundamentalist groups like World Vision (which apparently disbursed 95 crores in India last year) cannot be glossed over either.