Sunday, April 1, 2012

#Dewani :Audio - Nigger's And Monkeys

Max Clifford defends the indefensible , he has no interest if Dewani is innocent or guilty, his  job is to spin and sway public opinion and in return help to sell newspapers. Clifford has no thought for the victims of his clients , obviously, otherwise he would not have represented a cold blooded killer like OJ Simpson .  Warning graphic images of Simpsons work.

Max Clifford 's thoughts are that if Dewani were to be extradited to South Africa he would not receive a fair trial in part because he was called a murdering monkey. The British media tried to make much of this along with Clifford who admits he is paid to lie for his clients.

37% of visitors to this blog are South African and I thank you. I would like for you now to  listen to an audio tape, you will hear something that will shock you,  the brutal way corrupt British Police officers treat black people in England ,or as they like to call them Niggers.

Even more unbelievable the officers involved were not charged ! So let Max Clifford quit with the spin on racist remarks when racism lives in his own backyard.