Monday, April 2, 2012

#Dewani Murder : The #Hoist Fetish Club - Political Aide Spoke To Police Months Ago

Shrien Dewani (Pic: PA)
Shrien Dewani (Pic: PA)
The Daily Star chose yesterday to go one step further and report that the 'professional man' in question is involved in politics, this would indicate the media also know his name. Their timing of interest and as one newspaper reported, Shrien Dewani has won his extradition appeal, not many are fooled by his 'mental status' ! Richard Desmond owner of The Star And her sister paper The Express know only too well when politicians are involved justice is never served, we only have to look at the McCanns to understand the games and deals that are struck to help a criminal suspect out of the situation they find themselves in. Not much hope for Anni if this should be the case.

And if Dewani moved in a political circle with his fetish desires, partnering other politicians who may be living a double life, married with children for example, they will make sure the Dewani family get all the help they need to prevent the case ever going to trial.
The Mirror reported in the summer of 2011
Police are investigating claims honeymoon ­murder suspect Shrien Dewani regularly visited a gay fetish club for sex.

A witness has come forward saying he had liaisons with Dewani – whose new wife Anni was shot dead in South Africa – at The Hoist in Vauxhall, South London.

The witness, a professional man in his 50s, is a regular at the bar, London’s best-known gay fetish club. He said Dewani had been seen there several times.

To visit The Hoist, which is under railway arches at Vauxhall station, clubbers must dress in rubber or leather fetish outfits and pay a £30 ­membership fee.

A source at the club said: ­“Someone from the club has told police that Shrien visited The Hoist quite a few times over a long ­period. He said the police listened to what he had to say about Shrien.”

Care homes tycoon Dewani, 31, from Bristol, is facing extradition to South Africa to face charges he arranged to have Anni, 28, killed on honeymoon near Cape Town.

Anni was shot in the neck in what police claim was an arranged “hit” made to look like a carjacking in the crime-ridden township of Gugulethu on November 13.

The driver of the taxi the couple were in, Zola Tongo, has been convicted of his part in the plot. The driver claims Dewani was behind it – although he strongly denies any wrongdoing.
Evidence of Dewani’s alleged sexual activity has formed a part of police inquiries in South Africa and Britain.

The emergence of the witness comes after German male prostitute Leopold Leisser, 39, claimed ­Dewani told him he needed to find a way out of his engagement.

Sixteen-stone Leisser, known as The Master, claimed Dewani paid £1,100 for three sex ­sessions in London and the West Midlands.

In a statement read out in court in May a witness, not named but identified as Leisser, said: “He said he could not break out of the ­engagement because he would be disowned by his family.”

Dewani denies meeting Leisser and his spokesman said witnesses could prove Dewani had not been with him on the three dates.

Dewani has also denied he is gay, saying when asked: “One of the big talks we had on honeymoon was about starting a family.”

He said he had been devoted to Anni, who he married in ­Mumbai, India, in ­October in a £200,000 ceremony.

Dewani’s extradition case ­continues on July 18 when it will be decided whether he is fit to face trial. He is on bail at a ­hospital in Bristol suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

A spokeswoman for Mr Dewani said: “The South African police have declined to interview Mr Dewani or his family about any ­allegations. The matter is now before the courts where all issues will be raised and Shrien’s name cleared.”