Monday, April 9, 2012

#Dewani Murder : CK Level Trick To Prevent Extradition ?

It would appear as long as Shrien Dewani keeps up his intensive exercise regime his CK enzymes will continue to rise and as long as they are up he is unable to take medication to cure his ' depression'. It would also appear that as long as Dewani's CK level's are high it is impossible to assess him for extradition . Hmmm I wonder who taught him that little trick !

OJ Simpson suffers from arthritis and cannot drink orange juice due to the acidic content. Two days before during his murder trial, his hot shot lawyers suggested he drank as much juice as possible to inflame his arthritic joints. Hey presto, in front of live TV and a jury the gloves were too small !
 Hugo Keith QC, representing the South African government, however, noted that staff at Fromeside Clinic had observed Dewani exercising for “hours on end” and pointed out the anomaly to the court.

Keith said the exercise, which lasted up to two hours and included sit-ups, press-ups, skipping and weight training, extended to home visits where he used his family’s gym.
Cantrell said this was “consistent with his mental state”.

Keith suggested Dewani’s exercise regimen was contributing to his blood enzymes, creatine kinase (CK), rising.

The CK level was preventing doctors prescribing anti-depressants because they might cause psychosis.

Keith said the raised CK level made it impossible to assess when he will be deemed fit for extradition.