Sunday, April 8, 2012

#Dewani Murder :' The Master' ' Shrien Liked It Rough With Mr. T Types.

Murdered honeymoon bride Anni Dewani told a close relative that her marriage to the man accused of organising her killing was not consummated on their wedding night.

She made the startling claim in text messages sent to her cousin just days before she was brutally shot dead in the Mother City.

The Daily Voice has learned of the texts through sources close to the investigation here.
According to Anni’s texts:

* The newlyweds Anni and Shrien did not consummate their marriage immediately after the wedding;

* Dewani “did not touch” his beautiful new bride on their wedding night.

A British newspaper previously revealed details of text messages Anni sent before her wedding in which she expressed reservations about marrying Dewani.

But this is the first time there has been any indication that Anni was unhappy after the wedding ceremony.

The source close to the Cape Town murder probe also mentions that statements were taken from men who claim to have had sexual relationships with Dewani, as widely reported elsewhere.

“Police interviewed the man known as ‘The Master’ when they went overseas for their investigation and he kept a paper trail,” the source tells the Daily Voice.

“Apparently Shrien liked it rough with men who looked like Mr T,” according to the statements from “The Master”.

Days after Dewani was arrested in 2010, a German male prostitute who adver-tises his services as “The Master” claimed that Dewani paid him for sex.

Gay escort Leopold Leisser told cops he met Dewani for sex in the Midlands and West London several times between September 2009 and April 2010.

He claimed he was paid about R12 000 for his services.

And earlier this week a UK political figure alleged he had S&M sex sessions with Dewani.

The man made a statement to cops in which he claimed Dewani enjoyed dressing up in leather and loved rough sex in which he was dominated.

The respected political aide also claims he had a series of sordid encounters at gay fetish club The Hoist in London with Dewani.

He told cops they first met at the club nine years ago and that Dewani was a “submissive” who enjoyed S&M and dressing up in leather.

The 53-year-old man also told police they had sex in a room of the club where “spanking and punishment” parties are hosted on several occasions between 2003 and 2008.

He allegedly decided to come forward with the revelations following Dewani’s denials that he was secretly gay.

Dewani is currently wanted in South Africa to face charges of murder, conspiracy to murder, robbery, kidnapping and interfering with the course of justice for his alleged role in her murder.

Anni was killed in a hijacking in Gugulethu on November 13, 2010, for which Dewani has been charged.

The previous day the newlyweds had checked into the plush Cape Grace hotel as part of their honeymoon.

Anni’s body was discovered slumped in the back seat of a hired taxi with a single bullet wound to her neck.

Dewani was implicated in the murder when taxi driver Zola Tongo entered into a plea deal with the State for his role in Anni’s murder.

Tongo was sentenced to five years for kidnapping, 15 years for robbery, five years for obstruction of justice [for initially lying to cops about the hijacking] and 25 years for murder with seven years suspended for five years.

In his plea deal, he said he had been hired by Dewani to find “a hitman to have a woman killed”.