Sunday, April 8, 2012

#Dewani Murder :Why Did Dewani Need $1500 U.S. Dollars ?

The Dewani's admit that Shrien Dewani went to a black market money bureau to change 1500 US Dollars into SA Rand.

This fact is not disputed.

1. Why did Dewani need so much money at this time? There is no evidence that he planned to make any purchase. To the contrary,
there is substantial evidence and witnesses that show his intention to purchase the services of killers to murder his wife.

2. Why did he bring US Dollars into South Africa, when he could have got a better rate in London?

3. Where did he get the US Dollars from?

4. Why did he need to go out in the middle of the day, leaving wife Anni alone by the pool side, to change this money?

5. When Vinod Hindocha called to speak to Anni, Dewani told him he was out changing money. Why did he make no mention of
what he was changing money for?

6. Dewani paid the hotel with his Mastercard. When he drew out money to pay the staff for a "good Chrismas holiday" he used his
Mastercard and he got quite irate with the cashier who had to call someone more senior to authorise the larger transaction. So if
he was using his card, why did he need so much cash?

7. Why was he running up and down the corridor, as shown on the CCTV, to go and change the money?

8. Why didnt he ask the hotel what their rate was for changing US Dollars? Why did he arrange to go direct to an illegal bureau?

9. In his "stuff of movies" interviews, why didnt Dewani tell the journalists what he had the $1500 for?

10. To this date, none of the Dewani's have been able to explain why he had the US currency with him, nor why he changed it at that time.

The answers seem to suggest this was a pre-meditated murder, where he had planned it before coming to South Africa and thats why he brought the non-traceable US Dollars with him.