Thursday, April 5, 2012

#Dewani Murder: #BBC #Panorama Deception - What They Did Not Want You To Know.

Panorama did not tell you Shrien Dewani said Tongo was booked through his secretary in London and that Tongo was at the airport to meet the couple. Panorama failed to check this out. Dewani told police when asked if he had the cab registration number, he replied he would have to telephone his family for it, which once again suggests the cab was booked from London.

Panorama did not tell you that the Dewani family and the police BOTH have the damning text messages and the Dewanis' claim they can be explained IF the case ever goes to trial.

Panorama did nto tell you of the deception and blatant lies Shrien Dewani displayed at the Chitwa Chitwa holiday lodge, how he portrayed himself as a travel agent to obtain a hefty discount.

Panorama did not tell you when checked the website Dewani gave did not exist.

Panorama did not tell you that Preyen Dewani, Shrien's brother, hired a PI even before Anni had been found.

Panorama did tell you that the affection displayed before CCTV footage may have been just that 'for the camera'.

Panorama did tell you that the place chosen to hand over the white bag to Tongo was the only room without CCTV footage.

Panorama did tell you that it was odd for as Dewani claimed, to have watched people flying kites on a  beach at night in complete darkness ??????

Panorama lied when they told you Dewani had had a string of girlfriends, if true why have they not come forward ? there was no other women in Shrien's life previously except one,  a woman he also 'planned' to marry - Rani

Shrien Dewani is gay, not bi-sexual, gay and gay men do not marry women. Two men have already come forward and told of their sexual relationships with Shrien and of his fetish desires. The Hoist in Vauxhall, one of Dewani's haunts and where we now know a 53 year old political aide had a long term relationship with the accused.

Panorama, nothing more than a propaganda machine, they performed the same tricks for the McCanns' who no matter how many times the British media repeat it like parrots , have NOT been cleared and remain the ONLY suspects in the disappearance/death of their daughter Madeleine.

Last but not least, Panorama did not tell you of the fund for Anni , a school was to be built in her memory claimed the Dewani family. Panorama failed to tell you that the Dewani's closed the fund taking along with it the 15.000 pound's raised, what happened to that money ? PANORAMA clearly have no interest in finding out .


The charity fund set-up in memory of murdered Anni, with over £10,000 donated by the public, has been cancelled!