Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#Dewani Murder:A Closet Gay - Motive For Murder ?

Many questions were raised at the initial stages of the honeymoon murder that there was possibly a financial motive for the accused husband, Shrien Dewani, to have been involved in the murder of his wife Anni Hindocha on their honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010. But it is now being said that the motive could be quite different.

Anni was killed after the couple's taxi is alleged to have been carjacked. The driver and husband were able to leave the car unharmed but Anni was later found shot dead with a single bullet wound to her neck. The driver Zola Tongo and 3 other men have been charged. Tongo has testified that the murder was ordered by her husband Shrien Dewani. The BBC has shown CCTV footage showing Dewani meeting the driver alone on arrival at a hotel, exchanging phone calls and text messages with him frequently, and also 3 days after the murder CCTV shows him going into a private internet room with the driver to hand him a white bag, avoiding Anni's father who was sat nearby and avoiding handing the bag in the public reception area or car park. The driver says the bag contained his payment for arranging the hit men.

Shrien Dewani denies the allegations against him. But he has so far opposed bids by the South African authorities to extradite him to stand trial, claiming he has mental illness. He had previously also claimed he would not get a fair trial, prison conditions were unsatisfactory and there had been an abuse of process but all of these arguments were rejected by the UK courts.

Despite the Dewani business showing heavy trading losses, a financial motive was ruled out as the family are reported to have assets in the UK and offshore in Guernsey. The fact the couple had only completed a religious marriage ceremony and had not yet registered it in the civil system meant no insurance or life cover policies for Anni were relevant either. Dewani could not have been a benefactor of any policies she had.

The suggestion that there was a dowry involved was also ruled out when Anni's father confirmed to the media that in the Lohana community there is no dowry arrangement.
So what could be a motive for a man accused of murdering his wife?

On 16 December 2010 The Sun newspaper published an exclusive story of a male prostitute known as the German Master. On his website he offers various escort services related around gay fetishes.

He claimed that he had met Shrien Dewani for sex sessions on 3 occasions between April and September and was paid £1100.
The Dewani family labelled him a liar and said they would be taking legal action against the paper and the prostitute. They claim that Dewani was at the gym and doing a job interview on 2 of the dates referred to. The explanation wasnt deemed credible as neither of these actions would last for 24 hours and Bristol to London and Birmingham is only a 2 - 2.5 hour drive.
Since December 2010, there has been no sign of the promised legal action from the Dewani family.
The award-winning Dispatches programme which was aired on Channel 4 then reported that they had interviewed Leopold Leisser (real name of German Master) and he had shown them his itemised mobile phone records and the hotel receipt of a serviced apartment facility in London's Earls Court area where he claims to have met Dewani for sex.
The Dewani family took no legal action against the Dispatches programme.


Shrien Dewani engaged PR agent Max Clifford within days of his return to the UK. It is not clear what the purpose of this engagement was, as Mr Clifford is famous for representing television celebrities and showbiz prospects. He has no legal qualifications nor as much experience as a law firm in handling serious murder cases.

However, one area that his firm admits to specialise in is to act on behalf of professional footballers who are gay and wish to keep that a secret.

In an interview with The Independent in 2005, Max Clifford said "A lot of PR is lies and deceit. You can call it whatever you want. You can call it being economical with the truth or being creative, but that"s what it is.

The rest of the industry says: "We don"t tell lies." Oh, well in that case I"m the only person in PR that does. Do I distort the truth? Of course. Do I say, "No, my client isn"t gay" when I know he is? Of course."

In typical Max Clifford style, a distraction story appeared in one of the papers a few days later of Shrien Dewani allegedly having an affair with a female employee. It was denied all round.

Shrien Dewani was then packaged and presented as a "Millionaire Playboy".

The problem with this label is that no string of girlfriends were known to exist.

Only one girl was known about, Rani Kansagra, daughter of an Indian business tycoon.

He knew her for just a few months before becoming engaged, but that was abruptly called off.

An unconfirmed report in the Sunday Mirror claimed a Police source as saying that Rani Kansagra had told them in an interview that Shrien Dewani could not have sex with her.

But on August 21, the following appeared in the same paper:

"ON August 7 we published an article claiming that Rani Kansagra had told police that the relationship with her former fiance, Shrien Dewani, had broken up because he told her that he was impotent.

Having received a statement from Ms Kansagra, we can now confirm that she has never at any stage made the suggestions contained in the article, or any similar allegations about her relationship with Shrien Dewani, to the South African police or to any other person at any time."

No other females have come forward in public to say they had a relationship with Shrien Dewani.


It has been widely reported that Shrien Dewani did not have sex with Anni before marriage.

Being a person brought up in liberal Sweden, Anni is said to have found this odd.

She mentioned this to her father, perhaps feeling she wasnt deemed attractive by him. Her father Vinod Hindocha thought it was the mark of a good Hindu boy with strong religious values.

However, it then became known that Dewani did not sleep with his wife on their wedding night either. Channel 4 reported that Anni "cried herself to sleep alone on a sofa on their wedding night".

Anni's sister Ami has said that Shrien Dewani did not consummate the marriage on the honeymoon either. "Her sister spoke out in the documentary and said that she and Anni found it strange that Dewani did not consummate their marriage during their honeymoon. She stated her sister was upset and afraid that she wasn’t attractive enough for her new husband."


Many forums related to discussing the murder case have private opinions from people referring to their 'gaydar' (ability to tell if another person is gay). Comments related to this issue have featured regularly when people look at the wedding video clips released by the Dewani family, tagged "Copyright Max Clifford Associates", which they say makes Dewani appear to be gay.


In December 2010, the Express ran an article which referred to Shrien Dewani spending time with a plastic doll.

 It was claimed the doll in Shrien's bedroom was part of a shrine to his late wife Anni. “Anni loved Barbie dolls when she was a child and Shrien loved it when Anni wore a sari. The Barbie doll is dressed in a traditional Indian sari and Shrien just clings to this doll as one of the last memories of Anni."

However many commentators said it was odd for an educated, 30-year old grown businessman to indulge in such doll playing actions.

Sociologists analysis has suggested that grown men who play with dolls reveal the enactment of childhood desires of doll playing which were previously suppressed.

Since the commentary and response, neither the Dewani family nor Max Clifford have ever mentioned the Barbie Doll publicly again.


The Channel 4 Dispatches programme reported that a 50-year old male civil servant had gone to Police to say he had had an affair with Shrien Dewani.

This report was enhanced with further details today in the Daily Star newspaper which says: "A SENIOR Parliamentary ­figure has told police he had kinky gay sex sessions with honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani.

The respected political aide, who mixes in the highest circles at ­Westminster, said they enjoyed a series of sordid encounters at gay fetish club The Hoist in London.

According to the 53-year-old adviser they had sex in a room of the club, which holds “spanking and ­ punishment” parties, on several ­occasions between 2003 and 2008.

The following year, businessman Dewani, 32, met wife-to-be Anni, 28, – and is accused of plotting her murder on honeymoon in South Africa in 2010.

Not long after the killing, as suspicion fell on Dewani and police searched for possible motives, he strenuously denied claims he was secretly gay."

Of course the right of a person to be gay is clear and there is nothing wrong in itself to be gay, if that is true in this case.

The issue here is it being a possible motive for the murder of an innocent woman.

Homosexuality is not openly accepted in conservative Hindu culture.

Gay children in the Hindu culture are commonly known to stage bogus marriages (with or without the knowledge of their marriage partner) to keep their own family happy, retain their inheritance to avoid being disowned, and for the family to keep up normal apperances in the community.

 The prosperous Dewani family are part of that conservative culture and community.

The High Court was told last year that Shrien Dewani had told the German prostitute he thought Anni was a "lovely girl" but he "needed to find a way out of it" referring to the pending marriage.

The German is listed as a state witness for Dewani's future trial.

CCTV footage shown by the BBC at the couple's honeymoon hotel public area show them kissing and hugging affectionately.

Some views say this may have been staged by Dewani for the benefit of the public CCTV cameras knowing that his alleged plan was in motion and for him to look innocent with his unsuspecting wife.

Contrasting CCTV footage from the sushi cafe where the couple had their final meal later that night shows him walking 5 paces ahead of her with hands in pockets while lonely Anni forlornly follows behind, arms folded, head held down.

This was after they had returned from the Gugulethu township the first time round.

Whatever the reality, the former explanation would tie in with Dewani actually liking his wife Anni and believing she was a "lovely girl", but the question is were those feelings superseded by his real desire and preference to continue his alternative lifestyle on the gay scene?

Was Anni used as a pawn for Dewani to play the role of "grieving widower" who would no longer be pressured by his family to marry again?

Could Shrien Dewani being a closet gay be the motive for his alleged involvement in Anni's murder?