Monday, April 2, 2012

#Dewani Murder: Dewani Claimed Tongo Was Booked By His Secretary In England!

OK, lets back up. The fabricated hi-jacking had taken place .  Dewani , when asked by the police if he had the taxi drivers cab number said he would have to call his family in England to get it ? which fits with the taxi having been hired from London. What does'nt fit is Dewani telephoning his brother Preyen and for him to immediately contact a PI !  Anni had not been found ,as  far as anyone knew she may have been perfectly OK, so Preyen's actions were rather premature to say the least and remember it was Preyen who claimed the police had contacted him and told him Anni had been shot three times. A blatant lie.

Tongo knows so much more ,the only way to get at the truth may be is to give him full immunity from all charges and then he just may expose the mastmind behind this evil premeditated murder of Anni Hindocha.

Shrien Dewani, 30 a businessman from Bristol, said he had booked Mr.Tongo through his secretary and he had met them at the city's airport before taking them to their waterfront hotel, The Cape Grace, then later to dinner.