Monday, April 2, 2012

#Dewani Murder:Chitwa Chitwa - Dewani pretended to be a travel consultant to get a 90% discount at the luxury private safari lodge

British murder accused Shrien Dewani pretended to be a travel consultant to get a 90% discount at the luxury private safari lodge where he took his bride, Anni, on honeymoon just days before she was shot dead - allegedly at his instigation.

DINNER BEFORE DEATH: Anni and Shrien Dewani (front right) with guests at the Chitwa Chitwa lodge at Sabi Sand Game Reserve just days before the 28-year-old bride was murdered in a fake hijacking on her honeymoon, allegedly plotted by her husband.�See reports on Page 3 Picture:

He conned the Chitwa Chitwa lodge at Sabi Sand Game Reserve into charging him R3000 for three nights, instead of the R36000 going rate.

Dewani was given the special deal after portraying himself as a "travel consultant" when making the booking five days before checking in on November 9.

And guests have also revealed how a miserable Anni had no idea she was going on honeymoon in South Africa and had been ill-prepared as a result. They said she showed little interest in the safari during their stay and was reluctant to go on game drives, was afraid of insects and sat at the bar alone drinking orange juice.This appears to be at odds with Dewani's widely reported claims that she initiated the drive to Guguletu in Cape Town - where she was murdered around November 13 - because she wanted to get a glimpse of "the real Africa".

He now stands accused of bringing Anni to South Africa to be killed by hit men whom he allegedly paid R15000.

Dewani co-owns PSP Healthcare, which operates nursing homes in the UK. The firm made the lodge reservation in a series of telephone calls and e-mails. At no time was mention made that he was on honeymoon.

Instead, Dewani portrayed himself as "an upmarket travel consultant" who wanted to check if the lodge would be suitable for his clients.
Giving travel agents reduced rates or allowing them to stay free is standard practice in the tourism industry to lure new business.

When approached for comment yesterday, Dewani's publicist, Max Clifford, initially said: "My client has nothing to do with the travel industry. He never had any business interest in the travel industry."

On learning of the hefty discount, an agitated Clifford said: "We are getting used to the lies coming out of SA on a daily basis. The lodge must enjoy the publicity they are getting out of this story."
The murder case, which has gripped South Africa and Britain, is taking dramatic twists and turns.

Dewani left Wandsworth Prison in London at 5.30pm on Friday afternoon, after being granted bail of R2.7-million, in a black BMW X5, which swept him through the iron gates at his home in Bristol, southwestern England.

But, within hours of his arrival, new developments unfolded, including details of the case being built by police in SA, as well as possible links to another 2007 hijacking and murder case in the country.

Early yesterday morning, lights could be seen on in the Dewani house in the Bristol suburb of Westbury-on-Trym, where a large group of photographers and TV crews continue to camp.

Photographers also kept vigil at the local police station where Dewani must report every day until his extradition hearing in a London court on January 20.

The Hindu temple in Bristol's Redfield suburb, on the other side of town, where Dewani is a regular worshipper, stood empty yesterday morning.

Taxi driver Zola Tongo on Tuesday implicated Dewani in Anni's murder. Other evidence in the case includes:

    * Potentially damning sms messages reportedly between Dewani and Tongo;