Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#Dewani Murder:Publicity Stunt - School In Memory Of Anni !

While we wait for justice for Anni, let us remind ourselves of the Dewani family , chancers always on the take , deceitful , manipulative and as I have mentioned before so like the McCanns'.

Article as follows

An uncle of Anni Dewani, the woman murdered on honeymoon in South Africa, has accused her husband’s relations of using a fund set up in her memory for a “heartless” public relations stunt.

Friends of Shrien Dewani, a 31-year-old care home director from Bristol, disclosed his family hoped to help build a school in India with the donations. But the Swedish-born bride’s relative described the project as a “PR campaign” to bolster Mr Dewani’s image.
The appeal, set up after Mrs Dewani’s death on Nov 13, has so far raised £15,000. Ashok Hindocha, Mrs Dewani’s uncle, said that her family had not been consulted over plans to use the funds to help build a school: “This fund is for both families, we are disappointed nobody told us it was going to be headline news.”
A member of Mr Dewani’s family last night insisted the fund was not a PR stunt, and said it had been supported by both families. He said the plan had always been for the money to go to a school in India, but it had only recently been made public.

The 'fund' as we now know was closed by the Dewani family and no one knows what happened to the money.