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DEWANI : Daily Mail comments...

He will get his day in court. - David Beech, Halifax, 15/1/2011 11:47 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not if he can help it he won't! His entire strategy seems to be about resisting extradition on the grounds that he will not receive a fair trial.
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The ultimate blame lies with the culture of arrange marriages. I find it difficult to understand how any Asian born in the UK or Wester Europe can succumb to such lunacy. Indian culture & British culture are two extremes & you'll hope people caught between the two partial to both and draw the line somewhere!
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The S. Africa justice system is draconian, over there they actually lock up illegal immigrant child killer banned drivers!
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There are all sorts of strange things about this case but surely the strangest is the way the Taxi-driver has been dealt with. He waits until he is in court on trial for his life before giving his account of being hired by the victims husband to assist in her murder. This is seemingly then accepted at face -value by the court who find him guilty but reduce his sentence by 7 years, presumably because of his admission. The husband meanwhile, now a suspect because of the driver's allegation, has not been arrested or interviewed by the SA police about these allegations. Surely it is impossible to conclude that the driver is telling the truth when the subject of his allegation has not even had a chance to respond? If the driver told the same story when first interviewed by the police then they had a duty to arrest the husband and question him about the matter. If he didn't tell the police, but then produced the story in court, then why's he left it so late? How credible can he be? Weird
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What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. This is disgusting. It's trial by media and speculation. If I was him I would be seeing a lawyer past haste and suing big time.
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This guy is innocent until proven guilty. And he is far from being proven guilty. He has a right to a fair trial, which begs the question why is the Daily Mail through innuendo and gossip failing to give him that? Trial by media is just not on. Back off. He will get his day in court. if he is trying to evade justice it won't work. But maybe he isn't it? A lack of comment fom him does not prove anything, apart from the fact that he is not joining in the media's game! The very same thing that happened to the so called "nutty" professor from Bristol! When were the media actually appointed judge and jury?
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Just about all of the facts and evidence come from statements from rather dubious characters - all with something to gain from Dewani being the perpetrator which makes it all rather hear-say and circumstantial. What about the girl who says she saw Anni's body when found with her dress/skirt up around her waist? Is it true that the couple had only the symbolic wedding ceremony and hadn't yet legalised the marriage....too many questions!
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It's good to see that this man's right to a fair trial is worth so much to the DM and the other armchair detectives on here. Why bother with facts when mindless conjecture makes you all feel so clever.
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Mmm...Curiouser and curiouser. Whatever happens though, I am concerned that there must be justice for Anni. She was the innocent victim in this tawdry tale.
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He may or may not be guilty, but i'd rather wait for the impending court case than rely on tabloids making their personal mind up and then crucifying him so that no one will believe him, even if it turns out that he is innocent. Exactly whats wrong with Britain in 2011
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"Unless it was a set up....why would this experienced driver have pulled over for two strangers?" It's pretty clear that the driver *was* involved, with his 2 accomplices. That's why they left his taxi intact. That in no way implicates Mr Dewani. Do people really believe anyone would ask a total stranger to kill their wife? Think it through! You'd just end up in jail for asking. And the husband appears to have no motive whatsoever. Even if he *were* gay, why on earth would a gay man marry a woman and have her shot 2 weeks later? It's patently absurd. South Africa is desperate to protect its tourist industry and tragically for Mr Dewani the regime's capable of paying witnesses to say *anything*. The taxi driver's already got 8 YEARS OFF HIS SENTENCE for framing one of his 2 victims. It's quite transparent what the South Africans are doing.
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Most important question is. Motive of murder? Without knowing that how would the law frame Shrien? I see no reason for this lad to marry Anni if he was a gay.
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And so the media turns tragedy into farce - like the Maddy McCann case all over again. remember how Robert Murat was unfairly crucified? I bet he wishes he'd engaged Max Clifford at the time. I Would certainly wish to control hysterical media speculation in light of what happened in the McCann case. All the media interference did was cloud the facts and make the truth impossible to come by. Let's leave it for the full investigation. I've no idea what happened - you've no idea what happened - the families have no idea what happened. No-body knows yet what happened except the killers. Lets hope the investigation can find just who is responsible. Comment on this case should not be allowed until the investigation has been completed.
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Stranger than fiction.... And how much fiction is the media adding to this story? Let it be sorted out in the courts. And that adds another dimension, how confident can we be in South African Courts in dealing with such a case?
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If you go to Max Clifford's website and click on "contact us" he can we seen proudly standing next to OJ Simpson. Does that not say it all...........?
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Nothing new here - save the mother of the driver. Many 'curious' things alleged of him can each be answered (I always book late, and I don't do public displays of affection either). There appears to be no motive, and, even if there was, would he really ask a stranger in a strange country to arrange for his new wife to be killed?? Of course it may be that he swiftly realised he had made a big mistake, but this is a savage way out, for a former head boy at the grammar school. But what is the motive of the killers and driver? It wasn't theft, nor rape - it was an assassination - but to link them to him, I would need powerful evidence of phone contact and money (cash) in their possession that they cannot explain. Then - suppose he is innocent? He may get a fair jury trial here - but in South Africa? umm...
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Excuse me if my comment is merely tangential to this story, Mr Jones, but the 3-day wedding banquet isnt "Bollywood style", as you so ignorantly describe it. Bollywood didnt invent North Indian-style wedding festivities or wedding banquets; rather, Bollywood took its cue from REAL Indian weddings! Well-off Indians or expats tend to spend lavishly at weddings, and people in general spend as much as they are able to afford. Here's a hint: "Bollywood" is the generic term for the gigantic Indian movie business. Its movies aren't exactly documentaries! Your description "Bollywood style wedding banquet" is as IDIOTIC as terming Western weddings as "Hollywood style".
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Mr Hindocha says he has never met an openly gay Indian person! What kind of life does he lead? More importantly, does he think that an English Indian will get a fair trial in South Africa?
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"The vital questions that honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani still won't answer" "...still won't answer"? Talk about trial by media! I have no idea if he is guilty or not, but he has a RIGHT of SILENCE - like anyone else being accused of a crime. The prosecution must prove their case and he is not answerable to anyone until they do.
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Did the two criminals who committed the murder admit to knowing the Driver Tongo? If they did not know the driver before the hijacking, then the driver is lying. Best is to investigate this part of the story. The connection between the driver and the two hijackers. Why would a groom want to kill his bride of two weeks in this horrible fashion in a country so far away? What is the motive? It may be probable that the driver arranged the hijacking to stage a robbery when he found out that this couple had money and jewelry.
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The comparison with Madeleine McCann is limited. Madeleine's family didn't emply Clarence Mitchell "to do their bidding". He chose to stay on after being assigned to them officially. They had (and still have) a lost child to find - the overwhelming purpose of the publicity. Sadly, once Anni's body was found, no more could be done for her, regardless of who killed her and why.
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What if it is all true - would you send an innocent man back to face certain jail in SA? I think they should have the British Police investigate.
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"There follows a fiercely patriotic international row which is seized upon by conspiracy theorists, whose lurid speculation further ­muddies the truth." David Jones ... can't you see that you condemn yourself in your own words. This article doesn't do anything to help but just muddies the water with idle speculation based on NO real evidence. Let the courts resolve this.
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Why is "xenophobia" always mentioned in these reports? Indians have been in this country for 150 years and are considered part of South African history and culture. To imply that they are considered outsiders is quite insulting to the Indian community.
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How this guy could have a fair trial after the character assassination in the press is beyond me. Why are papers like the DM allowed todo this to sell a few more papers ? This is about peoples' lives.
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What is this article about? First you claim that he's an innocent victim of "anti-british-propaganda", then you say that the things happened were unusual or couldn't have happend the way he claimed. I don't know whether he's innocent or guilty, I'd rather let the police do their work. That's the problem with the press, we all feel as if we were profilers or something.
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Sad tale and it would be best if the husband went back and helped the police with their inquiries, but not sure this is similar to the mccann case apart from the fact they left the country during the investigation.
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IT may be cruel to say , but this story is so boring . All we have had is several months of gossip and speculation. No one has any clue of the facts and closure needs to be brought about as soon as possible for the sake of the girls family.
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You know what is so funny, we are talking South Africa here. I live here and have done so for the last 15 years. These types of crimes happen every day. Do some research and you will see that this isn't the first time that the husband was kicked out of the car and the woman killed. The question everyone should be asking is what could he possibly gain from having his bride killed? If he had massive amounts of insurance taken out on her life, then I would say he needs to be looked at. But in this case it is a case of tourism. This made headlines around the world. You must realize that he is the lamb being sacrificed for the sake of tourism in South Africa. I knew something was stinking when the 'capable' chief of police called people from England monkeys. Trust me when I say that the police, detectives and every facet in the Police department have little to no training, education and most importantly clean criminal records.
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Anything with Max Clifford is only a tool for his inflated ego. Perhaps he wil tag onto the ousted President of Tunisia.
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one for columbo i think, just a few people involved and the answer we cant see will turn out obvious but with a twist
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The best written atricle on this appalling murder to date. If Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Barkhuizen is now involved rest assured he WILL solve this case. No-one in their right mind would venture into a township at night. R600 taxi fare to the city centre? You can get a taxi from a reputible company for R150 - R200. My heart goes out to Anni's family.
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It is probably time to stop trying this case in the media. Everybody appears to be making accusations without having the gumption/legal naivety to come out and say it. Let justice take its course.
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Vast white mansion and multi-million residential care home business mentioned. If that is relevant what about the minus £4,500,000 that has been mentioned in previous issues?
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Still baffled as to why Max Clifford has been hired.
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Oh PLEASE, you MUST be kidding!!! "I have never met one openly gay Indian person. In my country it is still very much taboo." Are you blind, deaf, and possessed of absolutely ZERO intelligence??? Get real: homosexuality is rife here, you foolish man.
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Anni Dewani, Joanna Yeates, Michaela McAreavey, ... and others. Another Christmas passes, but life is unjust, often but not always, due to the actions of men. They cause the daily normality and happiness of individuals, their families and friends to cease, in a moment. The reasons are often minor, random or even mistaken. Surely all people should value life more, and resist causing further unhappiness in the world. Sympathy and very best wishes to everyone involved, for the future.
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Honestly, why are we wasting time with this guy. bring him to court, deny him to stay here and send him packing to SA to face the facts they have. If he is not guilty, he can fly back first class. If he is guilty though, then let him remain there. We certainly do not need people with devious minds,.. if that is the case with this fellow.
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Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It seems wherever there is money there is a story. RIP Anni
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She was beautiful. We can only hope the truth becomes clear and then justice is done.
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I do not know if the husband is guilty of conspiring to kill his new wife or not, however, just because there was no public display of affection "I never saw them hugging or kissing" does not mean he was gay, or that he is implecated. Indian people do not openly show affection in this way, it is not thier custom.
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