Thursday, January 20, 2011

DEWANI:SA police to question 'rent boy'

S.A. cops quiz rent boy over Dewani

A RENT boy who claims Anni Dewani's husband paid him for sex is quizzed by cops

Leather ... rent boy in Dewani claims
Leather ... rent boy in Dewani claims
A RENT boy who claims murdered bride Anni Dewani's husband paid him for sex has been quizzed for two days by police.

The shaven-headed, 16½-stone prostitute from Munich calls himself The German Master and likes posing in leather gear.

Senior South African investigator Lieutenant Colonel Mike Barkhuizen and Scotland Yard detectives went to his UK home in the Midlands to seek proof of his alleged contacts with Shrien Dewani, 30.

Dewani is facing extradition to South Africa to answer allegations he had Anni killed as they honeymooned in Cape Town. He denies being gay, saying he and Anni, 28, were "blissfully happy".

And he has dismissed claims he was involved in the murder last November as "ludicrous".

The rent boy claims he was paid £1,100 for three sex sessions with care homes boss Dewani in Britain.

He has signed a statement and been warned he may need to give evidence at a South African trial.

It is understood his mobile phone records are being checked. Calls data can show links between phones and pinpoint a person's location.

The revelation came as millionaire Dewani's family revealed he was ill and would not attend an extradition hearing in London today.

South African police said this week that they had established an alleged motive for Shrien to kill Anni - and may reveal it in court today.

They also revealed they had been told the British businessman had suffered a sex problem - and discussed it with Anni's dad Vinod, 61.

A highly-placed South African police source told The Sun last night: "Investigators have established Shrien told Anni's father he was suffering from a medical problem in relation to his private life.

"Just before the wedding, he told the dad his problem was 'better'."

In a further development, Cape Town police sources told The Sun that Dewani could be quizzed in court over concerns he tried to obstruct the inquiry.

Detectives say PIN numbers he gave them to activate his phone after the murder were incorrect.

The rent boy was first questioned by British police last month. They sent a dossier to South Africa.

McIntosh Polela, a spokesman for the police unit running the Dewani investigation, confirmed Col Barkhuizen had gathered "good leads" since arriving in London last week.

Taxi driver Zola Tongo, 31, has claimed Dewani paid him to hire gunmen who staged a fake carjack. Anni was found shot dead next day.

Dewani, of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, was arrested last month and is on £250,000 bail.
His agent Max Clifford said last night: "Shrien is getting used to hearing all these malicious lies but the truth will come out in court."
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