Thursday, January 20, 2011

DEWANI: extradition hearing today...Shrien not expected to appear..

As South Africa awaits news on the motive for Anni Dewani’s murder, Shrien Dewani should know on Thursday whether he will be extradited to South Africa to stand trial for having his wife killed.

He allegedly orchestrated Anni Dewani’s murder while the couple was on honeymoon in Cape Town.

Shrien Dewani is scheduled to appear before a magistrate in London at noon South African time, in a hearing that is likely to be an important step in a lengthy court process.

He has always denied any involvement in the murder of his wife 28-year-old Anni. The couple’s taxi driver Zola Tongo was jailed for 18 years after
admitting to taking part in the murder that he later named Shrien Dewani as the mastermind behind the killing.

Shrien is fighting a move by police in Cape Town to extradite him.

It is claimed his lawyers will argue there is no evidence against him, although his defence team will have an uphill battle because the UK’s extradition agreement with South Africa does not require authorities to provide a summary of the prosecution case.
(Edited by Lenyaro Sello)