Monday, January 24, 2011

DEWANI and the British home secretary who will make final decision on whether Shrien will be extradited...

I hate to keep bringing the McCann case into the DEWANI mystery BUT there is something very strange going on here and a pattern is emerging.

Kevin Halligen wanted in the States by the FBI..Kevin Halligen had something going on with the McCanns (illegal ). For some reason the British Goverment are holding on to him, the possibility he may sing like a bird to save his own neck comes to mind and the discovery of things the Goverment and McCanns do not want made public, for obvious reasons. Teresa May will be the one to make the decision on Dewani whether he is extradited or not.....we are still waiting for the extradition of Kevin Halligen to hear what he has to say. The British Goverment do not seem to want to let him go, they may make the same decision for Shrien Dewani...or at least drag it on for as long as possible, years I said, in England ,whether you are guilty or innocent, plays no part.....the rub, how much you are willing to pay to 'buy' your innocence.
This link explains McCanns and Kevin Halligen and when it suits Teresa May will do everything in her power to STOP someone from being extradited.

Above link explains Kevin Halligen and his NON extraditiont to the States...

Shrien Dewani Must Stand Trial in South Africa The UK Home Secretary will ultimately decide whether Shrien Dewani is to be extradited. Help to get justice for Anni Hindocha - make your view known by signing this Petition which will be presented to the Home Secretary. Sign the Online Petition