Thursday, January 13, 2011

DEWANI: A piece of the puzzle does not fit..

One puzzle piece of the evidence in the murder investigation of Anni Dewani, while on honeymoon in South Africa, does not appear to fit the picture quite as well as those who are alleging that Shrien Dewani is the mastermind behind it would imagine.

In this regard I am referring to the CCTV images showing Shrien Dewani allegedly making payment to Zola Tonga around 3 days after the hijacking which led to murder.

Text evidence allegedly says that on the night Tongo texted Dewani asking him to confirm that the money – allegedly meant to pay for the murder of Anni – was there.

His response was purportedly along the lines that it was somewhere on or under the passenger seat.

The question must therefore be that if Shrien had not brought the payment in full how did he make it out of the car alive?

Hijackers and hit men don’t work on a kill now pay later plan.

While the obvious response is that a portion of the money had to be paid up front and the balance upon delivery that goes against the mentality of these gentlemen.

In their line of work there is – understandably – no element of trust.

If a party is happy to arrange a murder what price them worrying about stiffing the “workers” out of their money after the event?

As such the fact that Dewani is seen with Tongo 3 days after the event is a double edged sword.

While it seems to indicate something untoward on the one hand it also casts doubt over the alleged link on the other.

In other news Legal Brief say that National Police Chief General Bheki Cele has admitted that calling British murder suspect Shrien Dewani a monkey might have been a mistake.

The website cites Afrikaans newspaper Beeld as their source.

According to Beeld it was said in a joking way during the handover of new vehicles to Gauteng Police.

Eyewitness News says that a private investigator has confirmed that he is close to solving the murder of Eastern Cape doctor Pox Raghavjee.

According to Investigator Christian Botha there is no evidence to suggest a link between the two murders.