Friday, January 21, 2011

Toswell Papier and Alex Furgeson /Dewani...

Full statement from Sir Alex Ferguson responding to the allegations of indecent assault made against him. "I have been advised that a complaint has been made against me by a certain South African woman.
I am informed by my lawyers that both police and the Director of Public Prosecutions are doing their utmost to complete their investigations and decide on the matter respectively.
I appreciate their co-operation in this regard and understand that it is difficult to finalise these matters over the weekend.
I would like to make it clear that any allegations of improper conduct, let alone sexual assault, on my part are untrue and entirely without foundation.
'Enjoyable dinner'
I flew to South Africa on Wednesday with my wife Cathy. On Thursday evening following a day of official business I attended a function on behalf of Manchester United.
I was accompanied by Jim Ryan, a member of my coaching staff, as well as representatives of the South African Football Association, the group totalled 16 people.
Following an enjoyable dinner the entire group went on to a nearby jazz club, which was owned by a member of the party.
At the end of the evening arrangements were made for lifts back to the hotel, at which time a young lady who had been talking to myself and members of our party suggested that she could drop me back at my hotel since it was on her way home.
'False claims'
The claim that it was my suggestion that I travel with her or that I forced my self into her car is untrue.
A member of the group, Alex Abercrombie, an attorney and former acting judge, was with me as I got into her car and has borne witness to this in his statement to the police.
In retrospect, clearly it would have been better if I had travelled back with members of the party who were already known to me, but I had no reason to expect that it would lead to her and her boyfriend making false claims to the police and then selling their story to British newspapers.
There is, however, no story to tell beyond the fact that she gave me a lift back to my hotel, which was only 10 minutes away.
This has obviously been distressing for my family, who have been completely supportive. Individuals in high-profile positions always run the risk of being targeted in this way.
"I believe that the British public however is fair-minded and will make their own judgement about a young woman and her boyfriend now trying to make huge sums by selling their story."