Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shrien Dewani opened the door and left Anni cowering in the Taxi...

Xolile Mngeni, one of two hitmen who allegedly killed Anni Dewani on her honeymoon, has confirmed that the primary motive was murder for money.

According to a report by the
UK Daily Mirror’s Tom Pettifor, Mngeni told prison bosses that Anni was the only target and described how she cowered in the back of the cab when she was executed.

This theory excludes the possibility of a botched robbery.

The report says that Shrien opened the door of the taxi and walked away and was not thrown out of the window as he has claimed.

Pettifor quotes Mngeni : “The purpose of the exercise was simply to kill. Rape was never part of the plan.”

Mngeni, did not say whether he or Mziwamadoda Qwabe pulled the trigger.

According to the report the jail source said that Mngeni admitted to being at the centre of the incident because Qwabe had told him that they would be paid to kill someone.

In further reports on Wednesday Die Burger confirm that Shrien Dewani is not linked to the 2007 murder of Dr Pox Raghavjee.

The Afrikaans newspaper quotes private investigator Christian Botha : "The murders of Pox Raghavjee and Anni Dewani showed certain similarities, but there was nothing connecting Shrien Dewani to the Raghavjee murder".

Botha, hired by Raghavjee's widow, said that the publicity given to the Raghavjee murder, by being associated with Anni Dewani, had led to people coming forward to offer information regarding the case.

Shrien Dewani was implicated in the murder of his wife Anni, in an allegedly simulated hijacking, by the taxi driver Zola Tongo.

While framing a plea and sentence agreement Tongo had said that Dewani had given him the impression this was not the first time he had plotted such a murder. This was a referral to Raghavjee.

Anni was killed on November 13 after the pair were hijacked in Gugulethu township in Cape Town.
Shrien Dewani, who has hired celebrity publicist Max Clifford to handle his media and public affairs, is out on bail pending an extradition hearing to be heard next week.

He vehemently
denies any involvement in any murder.

Above link. .. the problem is this matches with the first witness who saw him 'Smart Like he had just come from a Restaurant.
 NOT like he had just been pulled , dragged screaming from a car !!!!!