Friday, January 21, 2011

Dewani. hitman went drinking after killing Anni...

Dewani suspects' bar bash

'HITMEN' drank in new clothes hours after Bride Anni's shooting, it has been claimed

Accused ... Shrien Dewani
Accused ... Shrien Dewani
TWO hard-up "hitmen" accused of murdering Anni Dewani partied at a bar in new clothes hours after the shooting, it was claimed last night.

Crooks Xolile Mngeni, 23, and Mziwamadoda Qwabe, 25, were arrested after drawing attention to themselves. They had stunned the Cape Town regulars by buying rounds of drinks.

Mngeni - who was often so poor his family went hungry - even showed off an expensive pair of new shoes.

It is alleged they were hired to kill Anni by her husband Shrien. But a Sun investigation exposes the alleged "hitmen" as bungling amateurs.

Mngeni and Qwabe's sudden good fortune at the slum bar was yards from where Anni's body was found.

One local said: "Qwabe was buying rounds of drinks for everyone. Mngeni was always broke but turned up wearing expensive new shoes."

Earlier, they were heard "making lots of calls" as they got a lift to Guguletu - where the couple were carjacked.

It also emerged Mngeni had been too poor for a ritual circumcision - and needed cash for the tribal rite.

His cousin Lennox said: "He was desperate to have it done. He felt inferior to other boys."