Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Big brother Preyen Dewani pleads on Shriens behalf for friends to 'prove' his innocence by mail

Friends of Shrien Dewani have launched an email campaign to improve his public image.

News organisations have been inundated with messages from those close to Mr Dewani, urging them to believe in his innocence.

The friends say the allegations against the businessman are completely at odds with the man they know. 

Anton Lane, a tax consultant who has known Mr Dewani for more than ten years, said: ‘You will have received many emails regarding Shrien Dewani.

‘I have worked with Shrien and his brother for many years and they are both reputable businessmen, kind, thoughtful and abide by a strict moral code. 

‘There is no doubt in those close to Shrien that he is not capable of the atrocities publicised in the media.’

He said he had been encouraged to send his message by Mr Dewani’s brother, Preyen.

‘I wouldn’t call it a particularly organised campaign, but friends want to support

 Shrien,’ he added. Another friend, Margaret Stewart, said the depiction of Mr Dewani in the media since the killing was ‘hard to believe’.