Saturday, January 1, 2011

DEWANI: 'of course there were tiffs'

Shrien and Anni : by duncanr

Last weekend, Max Clifford launched a publicity campaign in support of his client, Shrien Dewani, who is facing the threat of extradiction to S.A. over allegations that he orchestrated the murder of his wife, Anni.

News media were bombarded with emails from family and friends of Shrien vouching for his good character, how much he loved Anni, and that it was unthinkable he would ever wish harm to befall her.

A video of a smiling, laughing couple dancing together at their wedding was distributed to news media and posted on YouTube to demonstrate how happy the couple were together and thus refute the suggestion that Shrien had any reason to have Anni killed

For those inclined to view Shrien as playing a part in his wife’s death, however . . .

the wedding video did little to dissuade them of that opinion.

That the couple look very much in love in the wedding video is undeniable. To offset that, however, is the claim of an airhostess – made in this forum – that a woman she now understood to be Anni was in tears on the flight from Mumbai and refused to sit with her husband (Shrien). CCTV footage has also emerged of Anni and Shrien entering the restaurant on the night she died, in which there is no sign of any intimacy between the couple – he, Shrien, striding on ahead of her.

The air-hostess story and and the CCTV footage at the restaurant have led those who doubt Shrien’s innocence to conjecture that – while acknowledging the couple were happy on their wedding day – something happened (or didn’t happen) after the wedding ceremony that led Shrien to organise Anni’s death.

A relative of Shrien who spoke to the press last weekend (on condition of anonymity) as part of the media offensive to push the case for his innocence, actually did Shrien no favours at all in his reply to a question about that CCTV footage of the couple (apparently not on speaking terms?) entering the restaurant on the evening of her death . . .
‘No couple are intimate 24 hours a day. Of course there were tiffs, areas where they had differences of opinion and different viewpoints, but that’s what makes a couple strong’

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So it seems something had indeed happened (or not happened) after the wedding ceremony that led the couple to quarrel (have a tiff). No doubt the police will want to know the nature of that quarrel to see if it provides a motive for Anni’s killing