Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shrien Dewani Inconsistencies...

After swinging by a restaurant which the cabbie pointed out as a favourite of Jamie Oliver's, the VW Sharan taxi stopped to make a right turn. Shrien said:

Open Quote
I suddenly became conscious of a loud banging noise - then looked up and saw an African man furiously hammering an automatic pistol on the windscreen.

Here we have TONGO pointing out the restaurant which reveals the lie Shrien was LOOKING for the restaurant and the reason WHY they were in the Township. 

Reliving the hell last night, shattered Shrien, of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, said: "We'd just had a wonderful sushi dinner.

"We were on our way home to our hotel when our driver asked whether we'd like to see some African dancing on our way.

This reveals the lie Shrien suggested it was Anni's idea

Anni whispered in Gujarati she had hidden her ring.

UNCONFIRMED reports Annis ring was found under the drivers seat...would a terrified woman at gunpoint worry about a ring...???

It has been reported that the driver’s services were arranged in advance of the honeymoon by Mr Dewani’s secretary in Britain.

This 'report' came from the mouth of Shrien Dewani himself, who told the Telegraph HIS secretary booked the taxi ..