Saturday, January 8, 2011

DEWANI / South Africa come and see 'THE SUN SCUM'

'Our Maddie' no longer matters the British press now have 'Our Jo'

The British press could never have made so much money from ' OUR ANNI' because you see they needed another MADDIE, who was blonde, blue eyed and white. Well now they have found her.....White Girl Syndrome .....   Anni Dewani until the trial, is yesterdays news. The sickening, vile British media.

Maybe now you will understand why an alleged paedohpile is not investigated when a three year old disappears.. Maddie was the right colour and her parents ? well we all know about her parents... they are writing a book of deceit and who will be begging to serialise it ...yep you have it, the SUN who have been so helpful to them in the past.