Saturday, January 8, 2011

DEWANIS/ MAX CLIFFORD using Anni as a PR stunt...thats the way MAX works...

Friends of Shrien Dewani, a 31-year-old care home director from Bristol, disclosed his family hoped to help build a school in India with the donations. But the Swedish-born bride’s relative described the project as a “PR campaign” to bolster Mr Dewani’s image.
The appeal, set up after Mrs Dewani’s death on Nov 13, has so far raised £15,000. Ashok Hindocha, Mrs Dewani’s uncle, said that her family had not been consulted over plans to use the funds to help build a school: “This fund is for both families, we are disappointed nobody told us it was going to be headline news.”
A member of Mr Dewani’s family last night insisted the fund was not a PR stunt, and said it had been supported by both families. He said the plan had always been for the money to go to a school in India, but it had only recently been made public.