Sunday, December 19, 2010

DEWANI: The Bridegrooms story

I never, ever thought I would see this again in my life time but it is the McCanns all over again. We are told this is the 'Bridegrooms story' but the bridegroom does not speak, it is the family telling their version of events.

McCann family,  hired PR Guru Clarence Mitchell, Mitchell hired to 'prove the innocence' of the McCann's, clearing up inconsistancies, thats their job. The more we hear, sends a clear message Shreni will not return to South Africa. I would not be surprised if the McCanns do not also contact the Dewanis , they will do anything to get themselves in the public eye. As for Anni's parents, how must they be feeling to watch this circus ? How will they ever find peace without knowing the truth ?It is too late for Anni but the  HONDACH's are now seeing the kind of family Anni married into, money orientated and their only concern is not for Anni but that their business may be harmed by all this negative publicity.